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Oppo And OnePlus Phones To Get Google’s Gemini Ultra AI Tech For New Features: What It Offers

Last Updated: April 11, 2024, 13:25 IST

OnePlus phones will get Gemini Ultra AI model for these new features

OnePlus and Oppo phones will get new AI features thanks to Google powering their devices with the Gemini Ultra AI tech in the coming months.

Oppo and OnePlus phone users will soon get the AI richness of Google’s Gemini Ultra AI model. Both these companies have joined hands with Google to push its AI tech into their mobile devices, used by millions across the world. OnePlus is one of the popular brands in markets like India and Europe, but the company has stayed from the AI race so far.

Things will change soon as OnePlus and Oppo are bringing their own version of AI photo editor to select models later this month, and the Google AI-powered features will be rolling out later this year.

OnePlus and Oppo phones will benefit from the Gemini Ultra AI features like news summary, audio summary, AI toolbox and lots more. It is likely that Google could add the support for Circle to Search on OnePlus and Oppo phones as well.

Smartphones are powered by AI-centric SoCs these days, especially the mid-range and premium models that can support numerous AI features and it is time for more people to get a taste of these AI features that can no longer be limited to the premium folks.

Google has launched Gemini in three versions, Nano, Pro and Ultra. The company has already powered the Pixel 8 Pro with Gemini Nano version, so it is interesting to see how and what Gemini Ultra offers for OnePlus and Oppo devices when it comes out soon.

In the other AI news, Google Photos app now opens its AI editing features to anyone using the Photos app on Android or even iPhones. The features are coming to these people free of cost, so it does not matter if they pay for Google One or use a Pixel phone anymore. These AI features include the magic eraser, photo blur, cinematic photos and portrait light among others.

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