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Phronetic.AI Unveils World’s Pioneering ‘AI Facility Manager’ with Cutting-Edge AI Vision Capabilities, Redefines the Future of Management Productivity For Enterprises & Organisations

Phronetic.AI, a cutting-edge AI business unit of Infibeam Avenues Ltd., unveils the World’s pioneering ‘AI Facility Manager’ an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that will redefine the future of management productivity for business enterprises, retails, corporates, institutions and government organisations. 

The ‘AI Facility Manager’ has been built along with AI Vision to convert video or CCTV camera footage, whether recorded or live, into actionable managerial insights, thus offering unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in managing diverse facilities.

Phronetic.AI has developed a suite of practical multi-modal AI applications that are versatile, adaptable and have sector-agnostic functionality. Complementing this offering is the Phronetic.AI Development Platform, empowering application developers with tools for deep tech research and customized product development.

The inaugural software product from Phronetic.AI, the ‘AI Facility Manager,’ represents a monumental leap forward in managerial task automation. Designed to address the diverse facility management needs across industries, this sector-agnostic AI application promises to revolutionise business processes and decision-making, offering enhanced efficiency and productivity.

“We have forayed into the future of problem-solving and business expansion with our ground-breaking innovation – AI Manager.  We are building the power of AI that will collaborate seamlessly with human creativity to conquer the most complex challenges and unlock unparalleled avenues for business growth. Our mission is not just to adapt to tomorrow’s landscape but to shape it,” said Mr Vishal Mehta, Chairman & Managing Director of Infibeam Avenues Ltd.

Phronetic.AI envisions a future where ‘AI Managers’ cater to a broad spectrum of industry-specific needs, including security management, software management, account management, smart city management, and many more. With plans to expand into sectors such as retail, manufacturing, aviation, transportation, defence, real estate, and audit firms, Phronetic.AI is committed to delivering solutions that drive meaningful insights and customer satisfaction.

“We believe that the future of management tasks should be marked by simplicity, agility, and intelligence. We discovered that our current AI technology is really good at task planning and process adherence and with its unique AI Vision capabilities, this solution empowers facility managers to optimize operations, enhance security, and streamline decision-making processes like never before,” said Mr Rajesh Kumar SA, CEO of Phronetic.AI.

Rajesh Kumar further adds, “Our innovative ‘AI Facility Manager’ sets a new standard due to its unique AI Vision capabilities, offering corporations or any organizational clients a seamless experience that not only elevates their managerial capabilities but also delivers a substantial benefit to their bottom line.”

The ‘AI Facility Manager’ has a suite of features meticulously crafted to empower corporations and organisations across industries. With its unique plug-and-play interface and robust functionality, corporate and other users can effortlessly navigate complex managerial tasks with unparalleled ease. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, AI Vision, LLMs, the manager enables swift decision-making rooted in logic and data, ensuring precision and efficacy in every action.

Moreover, the ‘AI Facility Manager’ prioritizes security and data privacy; providing peace of mind to users entrusted with sensitive data and operations. Its comprehensive traceability mechanisms guarantee transparency and accountability, reinforcing trust within organizational hierarchies.

“By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we’re not just revolutionizing management processes; we’re empowering businesses to thrive in an increasingly dynamic and competitive landscape,” adds Mr Vishal Mehta, Chairman and Managing Director, Infibeam Avenues Ltd.

The ‘AI Facility Manager’ stands as the ultimate solution for modern businesses and organizations, leveraging advanced AI vision technologies to provide real-time insights into facility management activities. With built-in AI fraud detection capabilities, this innovative solution ensures precise fraud detection across visual, audio, and text data streams.

Additionally, its deep analysis, classification, and information processing capabilities adhere to operational excellence standards, delivering unparalleled efficiency and accuracy, thus enabling all industries & businesses across sectors to modernize their operational efficiencies by adding AI Managers to their team. 


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