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Pritika Mehta outlines AI-driven future for Indian entrepreneurs

Pritika Mehta, an Indian-American entrepreneur and AI expert, stands as a beacon of inspiration for Indian founders. With a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from the State University of New York, she leverages her rich experience in San Francisco to mentor and guide Indian entrepreneurs through the complexities of the AI landscape.

Through her vibrant social media presence, Pritika shares invaluable insights on networking and resilience in San Francisco, the tech capital. Her expertise encompasses the transformative potential of GPT-4, the evolving dynamics of search technology, and the unique opportunities Silicon Valley offers.

As the founder of Butternut.AI, Mehta underscores the importance of understanding global tech trends and highlights the significant impact AI can have on India’s burgeoning startup ecosystem. Her work serves as a source of knowledge and inspiration for those aiming to excel in the AI-driven future.

For Indian entrepreneurs eager to make their mark in the AI revolution, Mehta provides a roadmap and a call to action. She highlights the critical need to innovate, build strong teams, and execute quickly, stating, “Build a strong team and ship things fast.”

When asked about her message for founders dreaming of making it big in San Francisco, the Chandigarh native shared, “San Francisco is about the same size as my hometown, Chandigarh. But this small city has changed the world. ChatGPT, Uber, Airbnb, Doordash, Stripe, Dropbox, Notion – almost all products that people use every day, originated from this special place.”

She continued, “The kind of conversations that happen here, the innovation in the air, the investments in bold ideas and unknown founders – no other city offers it. If you drive down Sand Hill Road, you’ll find the offices of VC firms. A small office with three employees would be managing $1B+. You’ll meet random doctors here who invested $10k in unknown founders and made $100M from that investment. Where else does it happen?”

She further elaborated, “All tech trends originate here. People in the Bay Area knew about bitcoin before anyone else. Tens of thousands of people became bitcoin millionaires, just because they heard about it from friends and bought it early. On the streets of SF, driverless Waymo cars cruise along and no one bats an eyelid. Every nook and corner of SF is filled with startups. In every coffee shop, people are talking about new tech. The level of ambition and talent here is unparalleled. The ambition is supported with money, guidance, and networks.”

Through her social media platforms, Mehta shares her knowledge and inspires aspiring Indian founders. She often discusses the importance of shifting mindsets and securing angel investors, providing valuable insights to her audience.

Addressing her recent social media post, she explained, “SF business trip is the rite of passage for every Bangalore VC-funded founder. Bangalore and Bay Area have a direct connection. All the good founders I know in Bangalore make a trip to the Valley – to raise money, understand tech trends, build networks, or to sell to customers.”

She added, “Many Bangalore startups have one founder in the Bay Area handling sales and fundraising, while other founders and team are in Bangalore. America is the biggest software market in the world and the smartest Bangalore founders know it well (and leverage it). You’d be surprised to see that every Bangalore founder has a B1 visa, and many are in the process of applying for O1/L1/EB1. It’s a normal now.”

“Indian founders have unparalleled access to Silicon Valley, largely because so many Indians work here,” Mehta noted.

Addressing concerns about job losses due to AI, Mehta concluded, “There will be short term pain and long term gain due to AI. No one is riding horses to deliver mail now; we have high-end vehicles that do it. Repetitive jobs are getting eliminated but at the same time, newer jobs are being created. We will not run out of work to do but if we run out of tedious work to do, it’s a net positive for humanity.”

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