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Purdue Adds Two Online Master of Science Degrees in Artificial Intelligence

Purdue University has introduced two fully online interdisciplinary Master of Science degrees in artificial intelligence: AI and Machine Learning, for “AI builders,” and AI Management and Policy, for “AI translators,” according to the university.

There is no application fee for the program, and both degrees are designed to be completed with 30 credit hours. Students with an average of six credit hours per semester can complete the degree within a year and a half. Summer courses are available to expedite the program, the university said.

Both tracks will include courses in AI foundations, AI ethics, and AI policy and social implications. Each discipline will also have specific concentration courses.

Learners in AI and Machine Learning are expected to have a programming background and prior experience with calculus, linear algebra, and probability theory. Courses include:

  • Programming;
  • Machine learning;
  • Data mining;
  • Language processing;
  • Statistics.

All learners in AI and Management Policy must have at least 24 months of relevant work experience. Courses include:

  • Risk management;
  • Communication;
  • Leadership;
  • Marketing; and
  • Data literacy.

Courses will be taught by diverse and well-known Purdue faculty on campus and will incorporate the latest AI research and information, according to the release.

“The AI master’s degree is among numerous Purdue interdisciplinary initiatives designed to address research in and advancement of AI technologies, including the Purdue Computes initiative and Purdue’s Institute for Physical AI,” the university said.

“We have a long history at Purdue of delivering online options that are just as high quality as our top-ranked on-campus programs, and we’re excited to bring that passion and expertise to such an important domain,” said Milind Kulkarni, professor and head of Purdue’s Elmore Family School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, who has been involved in developing the new AI master’s program. “Whether you’re someone with a technical background who wants to learn about modern AI techniques and applications, or someone who needs to understand how your company or organization can best take advantage of cutting-edge AI technologies, our program is going to have something for you.”

Application deadlines are April 1 for summer semester, Aug. 1 for fall, and Dec. 1 for spring. Visit the Purdue Graduate School page for more information.

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