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PVC at NAB 2024 – Video Creator Talks exlore go-to-gear, AI workflows and more by Alec Cohen-Schisler

At NAB 2024 we invited Pro Video Coalition Contributor and FilmTools Content Creator Alec C. Cohen to interview some of his favorite creators across the industry at the PVC Booth. These wide-spanning conversations tackle what it means to be a creator in this day & age, their go-to gear, AI workflows, and so much more.

Danny Shepherd

Danny Sheperd (@Ismahawk) is a multi-hyphenate filmmaker based in Las Vegas. After gaining a cult following from his crowdfunded Nightwing Fan Film in 2015, his channel Ismahawk exploded to popularity with increasingly high-quality videos. Nowadays Danny writes, directs, acts, and does visual effects for features, shorts, and commercials. In this sit-down, Danny and Alec discuss several topics on modern filmmaking like specialization vs generalization, how to seize the moment when you find an unexpected opportunity, and how to transition from short form content to features. You can also find Danny at @dannylashep

Find Danny on YouTube:

Brady Bessette

Brady Bessette (@BradyBessette) is a Cinematographer based out of Utah. Through creating educational YouTube content Brady has amassed a large following of fellow filmmakers invested in his journey. His short films have won awards at international film festivals, and he’s preparing to shoot his first feature film. In this discussion, we recap his journey from hobbyist photography to high-level DoP, discuss his sprinter van buildout, and touch on the importance of networking.

Find Brady on YouTube:

Alex Hopkins

Alex Hopkins (@lovethebasics) is a Content Creator based out of Las Vegas. After creating over 30 YouTube channels throughout his adolescence, he finally found his voice in making breakdown videos of his high production value viral content. In this conversation we detail his journey, starting with quitting his job at Starbucks, and giving himself 150 days to “make it” as a creator. We also touch on finding the right format for videos, and some of the videos that have taken him 4+ months to create.

Find Alex on YouTube:

Jeff Larsen

Jeff Larsen (@jeff.larsen1) is a Utah-based Filmmaker and the founder of Sipo studios. During the pandemic, Jeff started to create Spec product commercials in his bedroom, and it led to a full-service studio with a robot camera control system and Phantom camera. Along the way, Jeff found huge success documenting his journey, having fun every step of the way. In this discussion, Jeff highlights how shooting on spec can lead to huge brand collaborations, his content journey, and how he built out his studio.

Find Jeff on TikTok:

Sipo Studios:

Philip Lemoine

Philip Lemoine (@Philip_Lemoine) is a Hawaii-based Creator and Educator. Despite starting in rollerblading videos, Philip eventually built out a full service Wedding videography business. Trapped in his home during the pandemic, he started creating food content. This eventually led to teaching his followers how he made his content, and blossomed into an incredible business. He’s currently building out his online chef content course,

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Cooking Creators:

William Baker

William Baker (@William.H.Baker) is a Michigan-based Independent Filmmaker. Opting out of film school, William started to make content around his house with borrowed equipment. His first series, “30 shots in 30 days” immediately went viral, thrusting him into a huge follower base. He continues to make educational cinematography content where seemingly everything he touches turns into gold.

Find William on YouTube:

Filmmakers Academy

Filmmakers Academy is an online learning platform for filmmakers that stands firmly in a league of its own. Founded by ASC Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut and his wife Lydia, their platform has built an incredible community of up-and-coming Filmmakers and has democratized film education. During this conversation with Shane and new CEO Brendan Sweeney, they walk through some of the incredible offerings on the platform, and future plans for the site.

Filmmakers Academy:

Tenzin Lazerson

Tenzin Lazerson (@TenzinLaz) is a Utah-based Gaffer. While climbing the G&E ladder, he documented his journey and offered free educational videos on TikTok that has led to a cult following. During this discussion, Tenzin talks about building out his two-ton sprinter van, how he first got jobs in G&E, and what he hopes to do next.

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