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Reddit Faces Scrutiny from FTC Over Use of User-Generated Content for AI Training

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is currently examining Reddit’s plan to allow artificial intelligence (AI) firms to utilize user-generated content to train their software. The investigation was revealed in Reddit’s recent Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filing, just days before the company’s upcoming initial public offering.

According to the SEC filing, Reddit received a letter from the FTC expressing interest in the company’s sale, licensing, or sharing of user-generated content with third parties for AI model training. While Reddit stated that it was not surprised by the inquiry, the company maintains that it has not engaged in any unfair or deceptive trade practice.

The specific focus of the FTC inquiry is on the utilization of user-generated content to train AI models and the commercial arrangements involved. Given the novelty of these technologies and partnerships, it is understandable that the FTC would have an interest in this area.

It is worth noting that Reddit had previously announced a deal with Google in February for the training of AI models. The agreement, valued at $60 billion, involved Reddit granting Google access to its data application programming interface (API). This disclosure was included as an amendment to Reddit’s IPO filing.

While the FTC probe does raise some questions about Reddit’s practices, it should be emphasized that this does not necessarily indicate a full-scale investigation into the social media company. It remains to be seen how this scrutiny from the FTC will impact Reddit’s IPO and future operations.


What is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)?
The Federal Trade Commission is an independent agency of the United States government that is primarily focused on protecting consumers and promoting fair competition.

What is user-generated content?
User-generated content refers to any digital content, such as text, images, videos, or audio, that is created and shared by members of an online community or platform.

What are AI models?
AI models are computer algorithms that have been trained to perform specific tasks or make decisions based on large sets of data. These models are a key component of many artificial intelligence systems.


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The investigation by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) into Reddit’s plan to allow AI firms to use user-generated content for training their software has raised concerns in the industry. The FTC’s interest lies in the sale, licensing, or sharing of user-generated content with third parties for AI model training.

This inquiry reflects the growing interest and scrutiny surrounding the use of user-generated content in AI technologies. As AI models become more sophisticated and reliant on large datasets, companies like Reddit are exploring partnerships to provide valuable training data.

Reddit’s previous deal with Google, valued at $60 billion, highlights the potential market value of such partnerships. The agreement allowed Google access to Reddit’s data API for training AI models. While this agreement was disclosed in Reddit’s IPO filing, it is unclear how the FTC’s investigation will impact these existing partnerships and any future arrangements.

The outcome of the FTC investigation could have significant implications for the industry as a whole. This scrutiny reinforces the need for companies to ensure transparency and compliance when handling user-generated content for AI model training. Both legal and ethical concerns surrounding data privacy and consent are likely to be key issues addressed by the FTC.

As the AI industry continues to grow, market forecasts predict substantial growth in the AI model training sector. Companies that can effectively leverage user-generated content for training purposes are well-positioned to capitalize on this market opportunity. However, the outcome of the FTC’s investigation may result in regulatory changes that could impact the landscape of AI model training.

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