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Report tells Florida how artificial intelligence can carefully streamline and modernize

A report on artificial intelligence provides guidance on how Florida policymakers can best deal with this emerging technology.

The James Madison Institute released Bringing Government Into the 21st Century: Artificial Intelligence and State Government Operations this month and the report says that it is often thought that AI is a new technology, when it has been around for some time in many ways.

The report outlines several ways lawmakers can use this technology to streamline and modernize state government operations and help deliver better services. It also noted some of the potential challenges that could be faced.

One of the biggest concerns is how this technology will affect jobs. The report points out that the International Monetary Fund has stated that around 60% of jobs in developed countries could be exposed to AI. However, researchers have found that early indicators show that instead of replacing jobs, AI is changing jobs.

Privacy and data security are also serious concerns, potentially putting state agencies at risk of cyberattacks. The report further notes that the time it takes for state agencies to procure AI technologies could present significant roadblocks to implementation, leaving those agencies lagging behind.

On the positive side, AI technology presents the opportunity to better streamline unemployment and reemployment benefits by screening applications and pinpointing instances of fraud. AI could also take up general administrative tasks, allowing government workers to focus on more important responsibilities.

Edward Longe, report author and Director of the Center for Technology & Innovation at The James Madison Institute, said in a statement that the report’s purpose was to show lawmakers why they should be embracing AI.

“Artificial Intelligence has the power to streamline state government operations, not just here in Florida, but across the country,” Longe said. “In releasing this policy brief, JMI hopes to illuminate the ways emerging technologies can make government work better for citizens in the coming years. We also hope to show why state lawmakers should be embracing these technologies and not rejecting them.”

According to the report, policy solutions include procurement reform, establishing government task forces to study how AI can be incorporated into government services, implementing cybersecurity reform, retraining and reskilling employees and state government allowing state agencies to experiment with AI and use it in day-to-day operations.

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