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Rethinking the Human Element Behind AI in 2024

The advent of AI-powered solutions over the past year will drive profound change across the technology space in 2024. From automation changing the way we work to futureproofing our technology infrastructure, 2024 will see the accelerated adoption of AI-driven technologies and critical skills uptake. Despite this shift, the human element will continue to be essential in how innovators design solutions that make our lives easier, connected, and more sustainable.

#1: The emergence of Dark NOC

AI operations (AIOps), AI/ML technology that enhances IT operations, have advanced leaps and bounds in the levels of automation and precision possible. In the near future, we can expect the emergence of completely automated ‘lights out’ Network Operations Centers, also known as Dark NOC. Network Operations Centers are often found in a centralized location and typically manage network systems 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This puts an incredible strain on IT teams that could be addressed with the support of intelligent automated solutions. Over the next 12 months, networking companies and IT teams will need to discuss how AIOps can be integrated across their value chain to improve the experience and drive efficiency. Specifically, we can expect benefits to network quality, engineer support, and the modernization of network infrastructure.  

For all of this to be successful, human talent will be necessary. Business leaders will need to ensure their IT teams are well equipped both from a skills standpoint and a technological standpoint to ensure data processes are optimized. Most importantly, a Dark NOC will free up time for IT teams to address more complex business challenges while shifting the focus away from tedious time-consuming operations.  

#2: A connected ecosystem

AI-powered solutions will place an immense strain on networks in 2024. As enterprises race to implement the latest technologies to remain competitive, it is critical they ensure their network infrastructure is up to the task. We will see increased volumes of data being generated, collected, and processed both on-site and at the edge. The AI boom will support the rise of IoT, Private 5G, and edge computing to enable real-time insights and data-driven solutions. It will also increase demand for devices as enterprises look to digitize their physical spaces.  

Notably, technologies at the edge will grow substantially as enterprises feed data to enable analytics platforms powered by AI and ML. In fact, in a recent survey 80 percent of organizations expect their dependency on third-party edge services to grow over the next two years. Industry 4.0 applications, such as computer vision, digital twins, augmented reality, and autonomous guided vehicles, are poised to transform manufacturing in 2024. These applications all require secure low-latency connectivity to ensure seamless functionality and will be made possible with Private 5G networks offering the necessary bandwidth to support enterprises no matter what kind of environment they are in – a key consideration for critical infrastructure and facilities in remote areas.  

2024 will also see the emergence of optical networking as the technology inches closer to the mainstream. The demanding nature of AI-powered solutions on network efficiency, reliability, sustainability, and futureproofing, will fuel interest in optical networking. Optical networks will transform how we connect people, services, and technology. Recent optical networking tests achieved 1.2Tpbs transmission rates – a feature that will undoubtedly open new opportunities in how we feed AI-powered solutions. What’s clear is that the technology ecosystem is ready for change. Organizations see the limitations of existing network infrastructure and look toward a future powered by optical technologies. More than 100 organizations are coming together to drive the Innovation Optical and Wireless Network (IOWN) forward.  

Comarch Telecom Predictions 2024

#3: Innovation rooted in sustainability

The IT procurement process can be an uphill battle and will undoubtedly see additional challenges as organizations look to align business decisions with their sustainability goals. In 2024, IT teams will need to pivot, invest in, procure, and scale, while paying close attention to how global regulations evolve in the sustainability space. For example, as of January 1st, 2024, 50 percent of the electricity used in German data centers must be supplied by unsubsidized renewable electricity sources. From 2027, the requirement will be 100 percent.  

AI adoption in 2023 has already made a significant impact on electricity consumption and we can expect this to grow in 2024. The typical data center rack consumes between six to eight kilowatts of electricity. Now, it is common to see consumption of up to 50 to 100 kilowatts and more. Increasing the number of racks also generates more heat which will require more cooling, posing a significant challenge for enterprises looking to meet their net zero targets.  

To address the demand for AI-powered solutions, enterprises will work closely with energy providers in 2024 and explore technologies such as liquid immersion cooling, district heating projects, and research innovative new technologies such as solar panels in space to meet data center energy demands.  

#4: Human skills critical to CX advancements

While it’s clear that AI, specifically automation, transforms business operations, humans will continue to be a key factor in the success of AI-based programs. For example, customer experience (CX) will still require human intervention and executives agree this will continue to be an important element of the customer journey. A recent survey also indicated that despite four in five organizations planning to incorporate AI into CX delivery, they maintain that the human element will be critical to the success of new implementations.  

Comarch Telecom Predictions 2024
Comarch Telecom Predictions 2024

Succeeding with AI in the new year will be determined by how IT leaders think about AI and automation as not simply a tool to drive efficiency, but how it can augment the CX experience and enhance human capabilities. Looking ahead, upskilling CX teams with the right skills will be critical to bridging skills gaps, curating better CX experiences, and meeting emerging business challenges head on.  

The year ahead  

2024 will be an exciting year as we see how different organizations address long-standing business challenges with new AI innovations. It is clear that while AI remains the focus for many organizations, business leaders and innovators consider how AI can improve efficiency, connect, and enhance the human element.  

What’s important for organizations to remember throughout their digital transformation journey in 2024 is how AI can improve the lives both inside and outside your organization.  

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