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Salesforce enhances Einstein Copilot AI for marketers & merchants

Salesforce has announced an expansion of its Einstein Copilot capabilities, introducing new features tailored specifically for marketers and merchants.

Einstein Copilot, Salesforce’s conversational AI assistant, will now assist businesses in daily marketing and merchandising tasks in addition to its existing utilities for sales and service. The new suite of tools aims to unify business and commerce data while offering an AI-powered personalisation decision engine to help companies tailor customer interactions using data from various sources.

Ariel Kelman, President and CMO of Salesforce remarked, “Marketing and commerce leaders need a trusted advisor to help them tap into the promise of generative AI. With the Einstein 1 Platform, we’re giving organisations the power to unify all of their data on one trusted platform. This is key to getting results from generative AI that are truly useful in driving your business forward.”

Recent studies highlight the need for such technological advancements. While 80% of customers believe that customer experiences should be better given the amount of data companies collect, 75% of IT organisations struggle to integrate data insights into user experiences. Additionally, only 31% of marketers feel fully satisfied with their ability to unify customer data sources.

Salesforce’s new capabilities aim to address these challenges. Einstein Copilot for Marketers simplifies the campaign creation process by automatically generating marketing briefs, content, and email campaigns. It accelerates time-to-market with auto-generated responses grounded in customer data. For example, a clothing retailer could efficiently create a campaign to entice previous customers with targeted product offers using this AI assistant.

Similarly, Einstein Copilot for Merchants focuses on making merchandisers more productive by streamlining commerce tasks. Using natural language prompts, it simplifies storefront setup and generates personalised promotions to enhance customer satisfaction and conversion rates. An air conditioning manufacturer, for instance, can use this feature to create product detail pages and AI-generated product descriptions optimised for SEO.

Data Cloud for Commerce offers retailers a unified view by harmonising enterprise data with customer data. This integration helps merchants boost revenue and efficiency through AI-powered analytics and automation. A beauty retailer, for example, could leverage this feature to send personalised promotions to first-time shoppers and identify best-performing products by region.

Einstein Personalisation, a new AI-based decision engine, allows brands to use real-time customer data to deliver marketing campaigns that automatically trigger personalised content. For instance, a bank could personalise content for an unknown visitor browsing their business loan page, updating their profile in real-time as the visitor interacts with the site.

Salesforce’s innovations stand out because they are built on the Einstein 1 Platform, utilising company-specific data stored within Data Cloud and connected to Salesforce metadata. This ensures that AI-generated output is contextually accurate and effectively fulfils user prompts. The Einstein Trust Layer adds an additional layer of security, ensuring confidentiality and governance over the business data used to generate responses.

These new features were warmly received by customers. Matthew Randall, Head of Software and Integration at Aston Martin, noted, “Salesforce allows us to fuse together our trusted data from across our business to deliver tailored quality experiences to every current and future Aston Martin driver.”

Einstein Copilot for Marketers and Merchants, Data Cloud for Commerce, and Einstein Personalisation are scheduled to roll out in various phases through winter 2024 and spring 2024.

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