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Schneider Electric’s Chris Leong on how digitization and AI cannot be ignored both globally and in India

L&T Switchgear (L&T Electrical and Automation), one of India’s electrical and automation brands specializing in energy management unveiled its new brand identity, ‘Lauritz Knudsen Electrical and Automation’.

Taking the 70+ years legacy of the L&T Switchgear brand forward with an even stronger customer focus, Lauritz Knudsen is poised to fortify its core LV and MV Business while continuing to build capabilities in areas like the new energy landscape encompassing renewables power generation and e-mobility solutions, serving varied segments including Infrastructure, Industries, buildings, homes, and agriculture.

In 2020, L&T Switchgear became a part of the Schneider Electric Group following L&T’s Strategic Divestment of its Electrical and Automation (L&T E&A) business.

In a chat with Storyboard18, Chris Leong, Global Chief Marketing officer, Schneider Electric discusses how Lauritz Knudsen holds the flag of ‘Made in India’ for both India and the global market, the unprecedented megatrends of digitization and AI, how climate Change is an important issue & should be tackled on an individual level, enterprise level, or at the government/policy maker level, and more.

As India continues its growth trajectory, how important is the country in the overall future growth plans of Schneider Electric?

India holds significant importance in our global operations as it is one of the 4 global hubs for Schneider Electric for Manufacturing, People, R&D, and Innovation. India is also the third largest market for the group. As a company deeply committed to local engagement, we take pride in being the most community-oriented among global enterprises. Our business model revolves around local connections—be it with installers, contractors, distributors, or end customers. This emphasis on proximity and collaboration with our partners is vital to our success.

Can you share some market trends and consumer insights that Schneider Electric has been leveraging in India and globally?

Both globally and in India, we cannot ignore the common megatrends such as digitization and AI. It’s unprecedented. The AI acceleration curve is very rapid, though it is in the infancy stage, but it is evolving rapidly. It demands significant computing power and even more efficient data centres, and Schneider Electric stands out as the global leader in this arena. We power one in every three data centres worldwide. Therefore, we firmly believe that in this megatrend of digitization and AI, there is limitless potential.

We also believe Climate Change is an important issue & should be tackled on an individual level, enterprise level, or at the government/policy maker level. We happen to be in the business of providing technology that delivers Decarbonization benefits. At Schneider, we contribute to the equation as well, and the whole energy transition, which is also part of climate change.

A digitized world requires electrification, and electrification is the best vector for it. In addition, for that, you have both the equation of renewables from the supply side, but it is also on the consumption side, through electrification. We deal in that as well. In addition, if you think about, digitization in AI, our global AI hub is based in India. India has one of the youngest workforces, the highest number of highly educated, tech community coming out of universities and knowledge base. Therefore, it is only natural that we will do that.

What can India expect from the group with the launch of the new Lauritz Knudsen brand, including new investments?

We are committed & are investing Rs 850 crores by 2026. A significant portion of this investment will go into innovation. We want to continue to innovate in India. Lauritz Knudsen, in particular, is something that we are very proud of, holding the flag of ‘Made in India’ for both India and the global market. Therefore, the investment will significantly focus on developing the next generation of technology for both India and the world.

What is the brand positioning of loyalty?

In the coming days “Trust” will have a new name in India which will be Lauritz Knudsen. We are very proud of that. Now, we cannot take that for granted. Trust is not something you can claim or buy; it is something you have to earn. When we say ‘trust is a new name,’ we are referring to the legacy that started 70 years ago and is homegrown.

That’s why L&T Switchgear, remains the most recognized, enduring, and beloved consumer brand. For consumers like farmers and agricultural practitioners, products of L&T Switchgear hold a special place in their hearts. It is quite emotional for us to see this come full circle—70 years later, we are rebirthing this legacy.

India is a strong country about yoga, about meditation and about rebirthing. So this is one way of looking at it.

Why did you guys choose this particular name Lauritz Knudsen, for the new brand?

In the early phases of L&T Electrical and Automation, the company collaborated with Lauritz Knudsen. This collaboration resulted in the development of the LTLK MK1 starter, marking the start of a successful partnership. This historical collaboration played a key role in establishing L&T Switchgear as one of the most trusted switchgear brands in India.

Schneider Electric Group acquired Lauritz Knudsen, a Danish manufacturer specializing in electrical equipment, in 2004.

The decision to transition to the new brand name ‘Lauritz Knudsen’ honours this rich legacy and heritage recognizing the role this brand has played in the journey and success of L&T Electrical and Automation business (L&T Switchgear) We will continue to listen to our partners, collaborate with them, and innovate new solutions. What could be a more fitting name than the one we started with in the first place?

Which media channels were prioritized, during this campaign?

I would say it’s a completely integrated campaign with all multi-channel, from broadcast to digital to outdoor, to retail, to point of sale, to events. It is across the board.

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