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Smart Everything Everywhere Hosts 6th Digital International Forum, “Tech for Good – AI for a Sustainable Future

Smart Everything Everywhere is organizing the year’s most anticipated event: the Digital International Forum, “Tech for Good – AI for a Sustainable Future,” set for May 8 at the Ghica Palace in Bucharest. This year’s forum focuses on globally mobilizing topics and the clear need for regulation on innovation use: the impact of artificial intelligence on humanity versus its benefits for the business environment.


The Digital International Forum will feature world-class speakers presenting economic and ethical solutions for integrating innovation into people’s lives sustainably and responsibly. This approach aims for a future where humanity and technology coexist without feeling threatened.

Speakers include:

  • His Excellency Mr. Reuven Azar, Ambassador of Israel to Romania
  • Her Excellency Ms. Willemijn van Haaften, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Romania
  • Dragos Tudorache – Vice President of Renew Europe, the Romanian MEP who laid the foundations for the AI law in the European Parliament, who will discuss the new provisions. Tudorache has received global acclaim for his foresight on the need to keep pace with technology in regulated terms, ensuring the development of emerging technologies like AI benefits everyone.
  • Olga Nowicka – representative of Open AI, the American company founded by technology leaders that developed the Chat GPT app – a free application that can draft texts, hold conversations, or perform almost any task in record time. The tool has raised public awareness about the speed at which technology invades our lives, prompting European leaders to act quickly on AI regulation.
  • Radu Butum – permanent delegate of the European Union to UNESCO, who will discuss the capacity of technology, especially artificial intelligence (AI), to support environmental actions for a sustainable future where both the business environment and society at large can thrive.
  • Marco Leto Barone – senior manager for data policies and Artificial Intelligence at the Brussels Council of Industry, Technology, and Information (ITI), who will speak about global AI governance and the future of the labor market.
  • Ashley Casovan – director of the Artificial Intelligence Governance Centre (IAPP), who will share her experience in implementing AI policies in the public sector in Canada.
  • Marine Boulot – vice president of, who will highlight the impact of metaverse technology in developing cities of the future.

How urgent is the need for business people to maximize results in the age of speed through technology use, and how will their businesses move forward in the context of new regulations? How necessary are clear rules on AI use in banking, administration, and health to ensure that rights, identity, and individual capacity are not affected? These questions will be answered by the speakers in the four panels dedicated to the event: Tech Innovation for Human Elevation and Enhancement — Artificial Intelligence, Tech for Financial Empowerment, Deep Tech Diving for Future Societies and Livable Cities, Tech for Healthcare and Wellbeing.

The event is supported by the European Commission, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bucharest, the Embassy of Israel, BRCC, and industry partners: Garanti BBVA, Raiffeisen Bank, and eMAG. Attached to this release, you will find the event agenda and a presentation of the forum from previous years. More details about the event and information about previous editions of the Forum can be found at Requests for event accreditation and interest in interviews with our speakers should be sent to the email address by April 12.

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