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SpeakUp AI Secures $500,000 Seed Investment for Revolutionary AI Podcast Tool

SpeakUp AI Secures $500,000 Seed Investment for Revolutionary AI Podcast Tool.

SpeakUp AI Inc., a trailblazer in artificial intelligence-driven content creation, today announced the successful close of its seed funding round, amassing $500,000. The investment, spearheaded by GoldPort Capital and Mr. Ming Deng, along with several angel investors with a keen interest in early-stage, internationally-focused companies.

SpeakUp AI will be introducing its premier offering, the AI Podcasting Copilot. This cutting-edge tool will be tailored for a diverse group of users including content creators, marketers, educators, writers, real estate professionals, and startups, making it easier than ever to produce top-notch podcasts with ease. 

The AI Podcasting Copilot offers core functionalities including instant voice cloning, content restructuring, script preview and editing, automatic music mixing, and the generation of show notes and transcripts. Users can start by recording or uploading a five-minute voice sample, providing a content link, or pasting text directly into the system. The AI then transforms this input into a complete podcast format using the user’s own voice.

The product not only increases the efficiency of content production but also enhances audience engagement through SEO-friendly podcasts, transforming written content into captivating audio lessons and materials. Bloggers and Substack authors can effortlessly convert newsletters into podcasts, further increasing audience interaction.

Founder and CEO, Tiancheng Xu, stated, “SpeakUp AI is committed to maximizing the content creation potential of every individual through our user-friendly interface, time-saving features, and high-quality audio output.” Additionally, all Product Hunt users are offered a free trial, emphasizing the company’s dedication to accessible technology.

The vision of SpeakUp AI is to empower every individual to leverage AI technology in content creation. This innovative tool has already attracted thousands of content creators, businesses, and institutions worldwide during its testing phase, producing tens of thousands of podcast episodes and significantly improving content efficiency and quality.

On the team front, SpeakUp AI’s founder & CEO, Tiancheng Xu, holds a background in Data Science from University of Washington, and has extensive experience in the tech industry, having worked at Microsoft, ByteDance, and other tech firms, and has been a product manager for Microsoft Azure Machine Learning/AI and Teams video calling, among other products.

About SpeakUp AI

SpeakUp AI is at the forefront of developing AI-driven tools that transform the way content is created. By integrating advanced AI technologies, SpeakUp AI aims to redefine the landscape of podcast production, offering scalable solutions that enhance user engagement and content quality.

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