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StoryChief Review: The Ultimate Content Marketing Platform?

Content marketing is essential for businesses of all sizes. However, juggling multiple tasks, such as content creation, SEO optimization, and social media sharing, can become time-consuming and overwhelming.

That’s where StoryChief comes in, the ultimate content marketing platform for businesses!

From creating and collaborating on content to optimizing it for search engines and sharing it across various platforms, StoryChief offers a centralized platform that simplifies your content marketing workflow. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features promise to be an excellent solution for all your content marketing needs! But we’ll get more into that later in the article.

In this StoryChief review, I’ll explain what StoryChief is, who it’s best for, and its key features. From there, I’ll show you how I generated an entire content strategy in a few minutes so you can do the same! Trust me, it’s going to save you hours of your time. Lastly, I’ll list the top StoryChief alternatives I’ve tried so you know which content marketing platform is best for you.


StoryChief is the ultimate content marketing platform with a centralized content calendar for automatic publishing on multiple platforms. Plus, it offers advanced features for team collaboration, publishing, analytics, and AI-powered tools to boost efficiency and content quality even further!

With over 1,000 platform integrations and robust SEO features, it’s a top choice for content marketers looking to streamline their workflow. However, the number of features may feel overwhelming for beginners facing a learning curve, and the AI-generated content lacks a personal touch.


  • Collaborate, publish, and get valuable insights for all your content on a single platform.
  • Seamless integration with 1,000+ popular platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and WordPress.
  • Save hours of your time creating and publishing content on multiple channels.
  • AI-powered tools enhance content quality and efficiency up to 5X faster.
  • Advanced SEO features to enhance content visibility and search engine optimization.
  • Detailed analytics accurately track content performance to make data-driven decisions.
  • Excellent customer support with optional demos.
  • 7-day free trial!


  • There could be a bit of a learning curve for new users, particularly those unfamiliar with content marketing platforms.
  • AI-generated content may lack a personal touch.

What is StoryChief?

Streamlining content creation, collaboration, publishing, and analytics, StoryChief offers an all-in-one platform for content marketing professionals. With its intuitive user interface, StoryChief simplifies the content marketing process, making it easier for individuals and teams to create, distribute, and analyze content across 1,000+ channels!

StoryChief’s centralized platform and AI tools instantly generate quality content, which means hours of your time are condensed to minutes. As a result, you can distribute more quality content across channels to expand your brand further!

That’s StoryChief in a nutshell. After explaining who StoryChief is best for, I’ll go deeper into StoryChief’s features so you know what it’s capable of!

Who is StoryChief Best For?

StoryChief is excellent for anyone who wants to streamline their content marketing efforts and reach a wider audience. However, there are certain types of people for whom StoryChief is best:

  • Editorial Teams: StoryChief provides editorial teams with a centralized workspace for seamless collaboration, content creation, and publishing. It allows teams to focus on delivering high-quality content by simplifying content management.
  • Social Media Managers: Social media managers can automatically use StoryChief to publish content on popular platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. With its user-friendly interface, StoryChief streamlines scheduling and publishing, saving significant time. StoryChief’s centralized content distribution also helps manage social media presence effectively and analyze content performance for the best outcomes!
  • Agencies: Agencies can streamline content marketing for multiple clients with StoryChief. This platform simplifies content creation, collaboration, and distribution. Its client management features help agencies work efficiently, streamline approvals, and ensure consistent content delivery. Integration with tools like HubSpot enhances agency-client collaboration and content marketing efforts.
  • Marketers: StoryChief is a valuable tool for marketers to create, distribute, and analyze content across multiple channels. Its multi-channel marketing features help manage content efficiently, reaching a wider audience. StoryChief’s analytics provide insights into content performance for data-driven decisions. Plus, StoryChief’s analytics tools track your content marketing efforts!

StoryChief Key Features

Here are StoryChief’s key features:

  1. Content Calendar
  2. AI Power Mode
  3. SEO Copywriting
  4. Social Media Management
  5. Employee Advocacy
  6. Content Campaigns
  7. Analytics & Reporting

1. Content Calendar

StoryChief’s content calendar lets you plan, organize, and schedule your blog and social media posts.

All you have to do is give StoryChief your business name and website, and it’ll automatically generate content for you in minutes! Then, it will distribute these ideas onto your content calendar.

You can select any of these content ideas and edit them or add more content by hovering over the date and selecting the “+” icon. StoryChief even comes with an AI writer, so you never have to write the copy for your content ever again! You can also assign collaborators to edit and review your content before publishing.

Once everything looks good, connect the content to your chosen publishing platform! You can publish your content directly from StoryChief to 1,000+ integrations. From there, track your performance and get actionable insights by going to the “Analytics” tab.

StoryChief’s content calendar enhances team productivity and collaboration, content quality, and organization. By accessing all of your content and publishing this content directly to the website and social platforms you use, there’s less time for chaos and more time for creativity!

2. AI Power Mode

StoryChief AI Power Mode landing page.

One of my favorite features of StoryChief is its AI Power Mode. It offers multiple tools that use artificial intelligence to generate copy for blog posts, social media, campaigns, and more, so you never have to deal with writer’s block! This helps scale content creation without compromising quality while creating more time for strategic tasks.

Here are the tools available in StoryChief’s AI power mode:

  • AI writing assistant: Generates content for websites, blog posts, and social media 5X faster.
  • AI keyword generator: Automates SEO and keyword research to help boost rankings and organic traffic.
  • AI personal assistant: Chat with AI to generate content to be scheduled directly from the chat.
  • AI brand voice: Let StoryChief establish your brand voice by giving it your business URL for consistency across channels.
  • AI-based writing prompts: Access 15+ AI writing prompts for creative content inspiration so you never have to deal with writer’s block again!

Here are the key features that make StoryChief’s AI copywriter so great:

  • GDPR compliant for data security.
  • Integrates directly into your workspace for a better workflow.
  • Plagiarism-free.
  • Up-to-date with the latest events and trends.

Selecting AI Power Mode on StoryChief.

Access StoryChief’s AI capabilities by going to the AI Power Mode tab on the top navigation menu!

3. SEO Copywriting

StoryChief SEO Copywriting landing page.

Optimizing content for search engines is crucial for content marketing success, and StoryChief offers dedicated SEO copywriting features to help you achieve this. You can automatically publish this SEO-optimized content directly on the most popular website platforms, including WordPress, Webflow, Shopify, and Wix.

The StoryChief SEO copywriting tool assists in real time and bases its optimization on 15+ metrics. Plus, you’ll get access to actionable insights to know what content resonates with your audience the most.

StoryChief will also give you AI-driven keyword suggestions and actionable SEO tips to improve your Google rankings and grow organic traffic. The Keyword Generator automates keyword research, analyzes competitor rankings, and offers personalized keywords to enhance your rankings and organic traffic. That means you no longer have to spend hours finding the right keywords that will get you ranking.

To get even more out of your content generation workflow, StoryChief offers powerful collaboration tools for your team. Leave comments and make revisions to produce the best content possible!

With SEO-focused content creation, including keyword suggestions, optimization tips, and meta tags, you can improve your website’s visibility, increase organic traffic, and drive better results from your content marketing efforts.

Opening the optimization panel from a story selected from the content calendar.

To access StoryChief’s AI-driven SEO Copywriting tools, select a Story from your content calendar and select the SEO link on the top left to open the optimization panel.

4. Social Media Management

Social media management landing page from StoryChief.

StoryChief simplifies social media management by providing integrated tools for content publishing, scheduling, and analytics.

Here’s what you can do with StoryChief’s social media management tools:

  • Bulk schedule and auto publish various types of content (images, videos, carousels, PDFs, and story posts) onto all social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, Google My Business, and X).
  • Crop, resize, color correct, add text, and more directly in StoryChief rather than using complicated graphic design software.
  • Auto-generate content with StoryChief’s AI Power Mode.
  • Track all of your social media insights in one place.
  • Create daily posts or entire campaigns.
  • Collaborate with teammates for the most productivity.

With StoryChief, you can easily manage multiple social media channels, plan and schedule social media posts, analyze social media performance, and make data-driven decisions for the best social media strategy.

5. Employee Advocacy

Employees sharing business content.

StoryChief understands the importance of employee advocacy in building a solid brand presence. By encouraging employees to share company content on their social media channels, you can amplify your content reach, boost credibility, and foster a culture of brand advocacy.

StoryChief lets you provide a feed of thought leadership resources for employees to share content, turning them into valuable brand ambassadors. By providing robust and on-brand messaging, your employees can instantly engage and share your business content to reach more customers. Your employees can share stories, links, photos, and videos, and you can approve them before they go out.

6. Content Campaigns

Content campaign from StoryChief.

Planning, executing, and monitoring content campaigns is made easier with StoryChief. Trusted by 5,000+ organizations, it provides a centralized platform where you can organize, manage, and track the performance of your content campaigns!

Start a campaign, add KPIs, and assign content briefs. Work with your team to develop effective campaign strategies, ensuring alignment and maximizing the impact of your content marketing efforts.

One of the best parts about StoryChief is that you can see everything on one marketing calendar, allowing you to see when content should go out. From there, StoryChief automatically publishes it, so you don’t have to worry about doing it manually! Once the content has been distributed, you can see what works and what doesn’t with StoryChief’s analytics tools.

Your campaign content can be streamlined even further with the AI tools to create content 50X faster and the media assistant that organizes and saves all of your photos and videos in one place for easy access. You can crop, resize, color correct, and more with StoryChief’s built-in media editor.

Creating campaigns with StoryChief gives you everything you need and more to make the most effective campaigns and reach the widest audience for your business!

7. Analytics & Reporting

StoryChief analytics and reporting.

Measuring the success of your content marketing efforts is essential, and StoryChief offers robust analytics and reporting features to help you do just that! You can track key metrics with detailed analytics, such as website traffic and engagement, to help grow your reach, engagement, and sales.

Additionally, you can generate comprehensive reports that provide insights into the effectiveness of your content strategy. You’ll also be able to track how entire campaigns perform across multiple channels and compare them on a single platform!

By monitoring these insights and seeing what works and what doesn’t, you’ll easily be able to get more followers on social media.

How to Use StoryChief to Generate a Content Strategy

Here’s how I used StoryChief to generate a content strategy in a few easy steps!

  1. Create a StoryChief Account
  2. Generate a Content Strategy
  3. View Content Calendar
  4. Add & Edit Content
  5. Invite Collaborators
  6. Connect Channels

Step 1: Create a StoryChief Account

Selecting Get Started on the StoryChief homepage.

I started by going to the StoryChief homepage and selecting “Get Started.” StoryChief comes with a 7-day free trial!

After creating my account, StoryChief asked me to make a new workspace and give more details about my department and role to tailor my experience.

Setting up StoryChief to publish content to multiple channels.

Next, StoryChief showed me how to create a content strategy with clear step-by-step instructions! I could skip this and go straight to my dashboard, but I used this opportunity to set up my content strategy. This is the easiest way to schedule content into my calendar in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process.

Selecting Getting Started from the profile menu.

If you’re on the dashboard and want to get back to the “Getting Started” page, you can always select your name on the top right and select “Getting Started.”

Step 2: Generate a Content Strategy

Selecting Generate Content Strategy using StoryChief.

I started by generating a personalized content strategy by selecting “Generate Content Strategy” in the first step. StoryChief will automatically generate fresh, on-brand content ideas tailored to my business and target audience, rather than me having to do it manually!

Entering a business name and website for StoryChief to generate content.

Selecting “Generate Content Strategy” took me to a new page where I had to give StoryChief my business name and website. After inserting this information, I selected “Let’s Go.”

A company description generated with StoryChief's AI technology.

StoryChief started working its magic, extracting key information from the website and generating a company description! I was impressed by the accurate and detailed description, perfectly capturing the brand’s essence.

I could edit this description however I wanted, and once I was ready, I hit “Next.”

Target audience generated by StoryChief.

StoryChief identified my target audience, and I could add more if I wanted to. I found this highly accurate, so I continued by hitting “Next.”

Content pillars generated by StoryChief.

StoryChief accurately identified my content pillars. I could add more if I wanted to and hit “Next” once I was happy.

StoryChief identifying the brand voice.

Lastly, StoryChief identified my brand voice. I could slide the toggles where I felt they were the most accurate, but StoryChief nailed it. I selected “Save & Continue.”

Step 3: View Content Calendar

StoryChief generating a tailored content calendar and selecting

This brought me to step two, where StoryChief automatically started crafting a tailored content calendar. It only took a few minutes, and my content ideas were ready! I selected “View my calendar.”

Content laid out on the StoryChief calendar.

The content was laid out clearly on my calendar, and I could view this on a monthly or weekly basis. The types of content StoryChief generated included blog posts and social posts, which all aligned with my niche. The filters at the top also really helped me get a clear overview of my content schedule.

Step 4: Add & Edit Content

Adding more content to my content calendar using StoryChief.

If I ever wanted to add more content to my content calendar, I could hover over the day and select the “+” icon. This opened a small pop-up where I could choose what type of content I wanted to add: a story, social post, newsletter, and more.

Adding Stories

Editing the details of a Story on the content calendar.

I filled out my details when adding a Story to my content calendar. This included the title, due date, assigned contributors, campaigns, keywords, etc.

Selecting the link to open the story editor on one of the stories from the content calendar using StoryChief.

StoryChief also had a handy Story Editor, which let me use AI to write, edit, and publish an SEO-optimized article directly to my website! To access the Story Editor, I selected “Open story editor” in the top right corner of the settings panel of the Story.

Adding Social Posts

Adding a social media post to the StoryChief content calendar.

When creating a new social media post, I could use AI to write the post for me. I could also add images, links, videos, and more to make it more engaging. On the top right, I could add comments or collaborate with other team members for their feedback.

I published it directly to multiple social media platforms by connecting my accounts. With StoryChief, generating and uploading social media content couldn’t have been easier!

Step 5: Invite Collaborators

Inviting users to collaborate on StoryChief.

On the Getting Started page, it was time to invite team members to collaborate. I selected the “Invite users to collaborate” button on the Getting Started page.

Adding a new user to StoryChief.

This opened a window where I could add a new user by giving StoryChief their name, email, role, and a message. Once the information was filled out, I clicked “Create.”

Step 6: Connect Channels

Selecting discover more channels and connections on the Getting Started page.

Finally, I connected my channels to publish my content. StoryChief lets you connect multiple channels so content can seamlessly be published!

In step four on the Getting Started page, I selected “Discover more channels and connections.”

Connecting a channel on StoryChief.

This took me to my “Channels” page, where I could choose from many websites, social networks, content hubs, and more to connect my StoryChiefs account! All I had to do was select the platform I wanted to connect to and add the destination!

And there you have it! That’s a quick rundown on creating a StoryChief account, generating content, inviting collaborators, and connecting channels to publish the content. StoryChief makes it easy to manage your social media content creation process efficiently, especially when you’ve got multiple channels to publish to.

StoryChief may feel overwhelming for some users, but the Getting Started page simplifies the process. Remember that if you’re on the dashboard, you can always go back to the Getting Started page by selecting your profile on the top right and going to “Getting Started.”

If you ever get stuck or feel overwhelmed, contact customer support through the chatbot on the bottom right! Alternatively, you can book a demo to get a team member to walk you through how StoryChief can optimize your content strategy.

Top 3 StoryChief Alternatives

If you’re considering StoryChief but want to explore other options, here are three alternatives I’ve tried that are worth considering.


UpGrow is another content marketing platform that offers robust features for Instagrammers and businesses of all sizes. This tool is specific to Instagram growth.

By signing up, giving UpGrow your Instagram username, and specifying your target audience, UpGrow will automatically show your account to their network of 300 million people! It’s a hands-off approach to effortlessly and organically growing your Instagram account.

If you want to grow your Instagram account organically, UpGrow is your best bet. For a centralized platform for all of your content marketing efforts, choose StoryChief!

Read our UpGrow Review or visit UpGrow.


Circleboom is an AI-powered social media management tool to design, schedule, and publish all your social media posts in one place. It has a management tool specific to Twitter that shows you valuable insights into your X (formerly Twitter) performance. It also has handy AI tools to streamline your content, like an AI post and hashtag generator.

StoryChief and Circleboom are excellent centralized content management tools. However, if you want to grow your X account, Circleboom is the best choice!

Read our Circleboom Review or visit Circleboom.


Flick is another social marketing platform that handles copywriting, scheduling, hashtags, and analytics in one place. You can schedule posts for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. However, its other features, like the hashtag tools and analytics, are specific to Instagram.

If you want a marketing platform that schedules social media posts for multiple platforms but want to emphasize Instagram growth with additional analytics and hashtag tools, choose Flick! Otherwise, select StoryChief for the ultimate content marketing platform with the most integrations.

Read our Flick Review or visit Flick.

StoryChief Review: Is It the Ultimate Content Marketing Platform?

StoryChief offers a comprehensive suite of content marketing tools designed to streamline collaboration, publishing, and analytics. It offers various AI tools to streamline your workflow, an automated content calendar for publishing on over 1,000 platforms, SEO copywriting tools for better rankings, and more!

Compared to other alternatives that I’ve tried, StoryChief has the most integrations and does not limit certain tools and features to specific social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram. This makes StoryChief, in my opinion, the ultimate content marketing platform!

With StoryChief, you can streamline your content marketing workflow, optimize your content for search engines, and improve your overall content strategy. Whether you are a solo content creator or part of a larger team, StoryChief offers comprehensive tools to help you succeed in your content marketing efforts.

Thanks for reading my StoryChief review! I hope you found it helpful. To test whether StoryChief fits your requirements, take advantage of their free trial, which allows you to explore the platform’s capabilities and determine if it aligns with your content marketing goals.

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