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Swisscom launches AI made in Switzerland for maximum “Swissness”

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Swisscom announces the Swiss AI Platform allowing third parties to develop “trustworthy AI applications. The modular platform offers guaranteed data storage in Switzerland. From autumn 2024, it will give customers flexible access to NVIDIA supercomputers, generative AI services, an AI Work Hub for developing AI solutions and a library of models.

In other words, its ambition is to be a one-stop shop for AI solutions, “providing everything from advice to operation”. The platform is the next step in its collaboration with NVIDIA which it announced at the start of 2024 and encompasses AI infrastructure, platform and application services. According to Swisscom, the modular design “gives customers the flexibility to select and combine components according to their requirements”.

GPU Rental provides access to Switzerland’s first NVIDIA SuperPOD system which can process huge volumes of data; for instance, to training, fine tuning and run models.

The GenAI Studio gives customers access to generative AI services via APIs so they can create their own AI solutions.

The AI Work Hub is for data scientists who analyse and process large data volumes and develop and train models. It supports the collaborative development of customer-specific AI applications.

Swisscom’s model catalogue offers a curated library of open-source models. Models to be licensed or those developed by Swisscom in collaboration with third parties will be available later.

The operator says the NVIDIA infrastructure enhances Swisscom’s products with infrastructure and applications that offer maximum “Swissness” – that is particularly suitable for use cases involving sensitive data that must be stored and processed in Switzerland.

The operator adds that the close collaboration with NVIDIA enhances Swisscom’s partnerships with global public cloud providers, independent software companies and universities. Together with Swisscom’s 400 AI and data specialists, they constitute “a unique Swiss Center of Excellence”.

Urs Lehner, Head of Swisscom Enterprise Customers, said, “Understanding our customers’ needs is our top priority. We can then support them in setting up their AI projects and customising them accordingly. Sensitive data is in good hands thanks to our powerful, trustworthy Swiss infrastructure. It is a Swiss solution for the Swiss economy.”

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