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Tabnine Adds Support for Cohere Command R Model to Accelerate and Optimize Software Development; Provide Access to More Models

TEL AVIV, Israel, June 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tabnine, the originators of the AI code assistant category, today announced that Cohere’s Command R model is now available as one…

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Snapchat’s on-device AI model changes user background, clothing in real-time

Snapchat is launching a suite of AI tools, including a Lens Studio update, to help creators design custom AR effects. The new features allow creators to transform a user’s face,…

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New Google AI Creates Audio From Video & Prompts –

Google’s Deep Mind has showcased its latest results from its generative AI video-to-audio research. The system combines what is seen on screen with the user’s written prompt to create synced…

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Boeing honors students heading into the STEM field

These students are headed toward nights of hard studying, but despite the challenges, they’ve checked the box for their projected major — walking into their freshman year with the plan…

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MiaRec AI Prompt Designer: Revolutionizing AI Prompt Customization and Testing

Many organizations use AI to summarize calls, analyze sentiment, and gain new insights, but your average AI-powered tool only provides basic, canned information. While this can still be useful, contact…

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Prompt engineering made easier with AI Builder

Prompts are the way to communicate with large language models (LLMs), the driving force behind generative AI technologies like ChatGPT and copilots. They serve as specific instructions that guide and…

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