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Tech Talent Acquisition Leaders to Increase Investment in Automation and AI in 2024, Reveals GoodTime Report

The Technology Edition of GoodTime’s 2024 Hiring Insights Report reveals a major acceleration in hiring tech adoption. Despite challenges with talent retention and longer time-to-hire, tech companies improved hiring goal attainment through thoughtful use of AI and automation

SAN FRANCISCO , Feb. 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The 2024 Hiring Insights Report: Technology Edition, published today by GoodTime, reveals a major acceleration in tech adoption, with 91% of the tech sector’s talent acquisition (TA) leaders planning to increase their investment in hiring technology in 2024.

After surveying 525 talent acquisition leaders across sectors, this new edition of the 2024 Hiring Insights Report focuses on the 100 respondents in technology and highlights a significant increase in hiring goal attainment. However, the report shows the sector also faced persistent challenges with talent retention, lack of qualified candidates, and an escalating time-to-hire.

Key tech sector hiring trends from the report:

  • On average, TA teams hit 58.2% of their hiring goals in 2023, up from 51.7% the previous year.

  • 41% of TA leaders cite talent retention as a top challenge.

  • 45% of companies said their time-to-hire increased in 2023.

  • Nearly half (49%) of tech companies conducted layoffs in 2023.

The tech sector leads in hiring goal attainment
Of all sectors analyzed, tech ranked highest in hiring goal attainment. Compared to all other sectors, tech companies were:

  • 78% more likely to utilize AI for hiring efficiency.

  • 45% more likely to have upgraded their hiring technology.

  • 18% more likely to have improved their candidate experience.

Planning for more human-AI collaboration in 2024
When asked about key focus areas for 2024, tech TA leaders pointed to:

  • Increasing personalization in the hiring process (49%).

  • Utilizing AI for hiring efficiency (42%).

  • Optimizing automation in the hiring process (42%).

“Too often AI and automation are perceived as being at odds with human-centric experiences,” said Ahryun Moon, CEO & Co-Founder of GoodTime. “Our report shows that tech’s TA leaders have adopted a different perspective. I’m glad to see they recognize that automating time-consuming, mundane tasks empowers them to prioritize and enhance the human element in their hiring process.”

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