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Telestream to Focus on Cloud, AI at 2024 NAB Show

NEVADA CITY, Calif.—At NAB Show 2024 in West Hall (#W1501), Telestream will introduce a host of new AI-powered suite of media processing tools engineered to optimize how media professionals ingest, enhance, and deliver content.

“GLIM as a Service,” a new cloud-based solution is designed to allow media companies involved in remote production to access high-resolution, mezzanine content via instant playback of content in any format through a web browser, streamlining remote content access and eliminating the need for extensive downloads or specialized playback hardware, according to the company.

Also at their booth is a new cloud-based “Live Capture as a Service” offering designed to simplify the live capture of content from any location in real-time, allowing production teams to bypass the traditional hurdles of remote setup and maintenance. 

“The growing need for live content underscores the urgency for faster, more flexible production processes. Live Capture as a Service transforms live content capture by providing cloud-based, instant access, freeing media companies from the limitations of physical infrastructure,” said Telestream Chief Product Officer Mike Gilson. “This breakthrough not only streamlines production but also opens up opportunities for media companies to capture and monetize more content, meeting audience demand for high-quality, timely media experiences more efficiently.”

Designed to target the streamlining and further efficiency of AI-media tools,  Telestream will also showcase a suite of AI-powered media processing tools with the following features: 

  • Automated Workflow Creation: By leveraging artificial intelligence, Telestream’s Vantage Workflow Designer automates the configuration of media processing workflows. This drastically reduces manual interventions, streamlines operations, and minimizes errors, significantly speeding up the production cycle.
  • Intelligent Quality Control (QC): Telestream’s AI-driven QC tools automate the process of ensuring consistent content quality across large volumes of media. This automation supports the delivery of high-quality content at the speed demanded by multiple platforms, eliminating the scalability challenges of manual QC.
  • Efficient Captioning and Subtitling: The integration of AI also extends to captioning and subtitling processes, making them faster and more efficient. This not only enhances content accessibility and global reach but also ensures that content can be quickly turned around to meet the immediate needs of a diverse and widespread audience. Simplified Adoption and Integration: Understanding the industry’s hesitation towards complex technology adoption, Telestream has focused on making its advanced AI solutions accessible and easy to integrate. This approach lowers the barrier to adopting these technologies, enabling media entities to adapt and innovate quickly.

Qualify QC
Telestream will also  unveil updates to Qualify QC, including:

  • IMF Compliance: Enhanced with Netflix Photon support, ensuring Interoperable Master Format (IMF) packages meet critical industry standards.
  • Harding FPA Test: Incorporates detection capabilities for potentially epileptic content, prioritizing viewer safety.
  • DolbyE Presence and Dolby Vision Validation: Verifies the inclusion of DolbyE audio and the accuracy of Dolby Vision metadata, guaranteeing top-notch audiovisual experiences.
  • Rude Word Detection: A new tool to screen and flag unsuitable language, ensuring content suitability for all audiences.

Telestream will introduce its Inspect Monitoring Platform, a comprehensive monitoring solution crafted for ST 2110, SRT, and NDI protocols. The platform offers a comprehensive solution for continuous media stream integrity monitoring, in-depth issue analysis, and strategic optimization of broadcasting and streaming operations, according to the company. This integrated approach enables production companies to detect, diagnose, and optimize high-quality content delivery across all platforms and protocols.

Targeting cloud-based hybrid workflows, Telestream will also roll out its DIVA 9 content management solution which facilitates the smart transition of media assets between on-premises and cloud environments, leveraging intelligent media storage policies, advanced Elasticsearch search functions, and comprehensive integrations with MAM, automation, and other cloud systems, the company said. 

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