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The beta version of the Microsoft Launcher Android app has added Copilot support

In August 2023, Microsoft issued a beta update for its Microsoft Launcher app for Android smartphones and tablets. It added what the company previously called Bing Chat into the app. It allowed users to use the Bing Chat chatbot with text prompts to ask questions, and they could also use their voice to put in the prompts as well.

Since then, Microsoft ditched the Bing Chat branding and decided to go with Copilot for its permanent chatbot AI name in November 2023. However, the Microsoft Launcher app continued to have the Bing icon in the launcher’s search feature.

That finally changed today, Windows Central reports that people who signed up to beta test new versions of the Microsoft Launcher app got a new version today, which finally integrated Copilot into the app, fully replacing the older Bing Chat icon.

If you are signed up for the Microsoft Launcher beta, you can download the new version from the Google Play Store. The new version number is v6.240402.2.1139391. Windows Central says the change notes for the new beta version are as follows:

  • Effortless Access: Copilot is now just a swipe away, ready to assist you with answers and content creation.
  • Creative Power: Generate images and text directly from your mobile feed using simple words.
  • Pro Performance: For our Copilot Pro users, enjoy a more responsive and swift interaction.

There’s no word yet on when the Copilot features will be available for people who are not signed up for the Microsoft Launcher beta. Of course, Android users have already had access to Copilot with Microsoft’s own stand-alone app which has been available in the Google Play Store since December 2023.

Windows Central points out that some of the Copilot Pro features that the stand alone app includes features like Vacation Planner, Cooking Assistant, Fitness Trainer, and Notebook are not currently available in the Microsoft Launcher app.

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