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TikTok’s new update to automatically label AI-generated content

Social network platform TikTok has announced plans to crack down on artificial intelligence (AI) misuse by automatically labeling all synthetic content on the video-sharing platform.

In its official announcement, TikTok’s new proactive stance will see it team up with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) to identify AI-generated content. C2PA is an open-source technical standard that allows users to track the origin of media content designed in conjunction with Intel (NASDAQ: INTC), Adobe (NASDAQ: ADBE), Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), and Arm.

A closer look at the announcement reveals that TikTok will automatically label AI-generated content when uploaded from other platforms. The firm says the partnership with C2PA and the deployment of its Content Credentials technology will be integral in executing the new policy.

“With TikTok’s vast community of creators and users globally, we are thrilled to welcome them to both the C2PA and CAI as they embark on the journey to provide more transparency and authenticity on the platform,” said Adobe’s General Counsel Dana Rao.

Currently, the automatic labeling feature will be available for images and video content, with the company planning to roll out the feature for audio-only media in the coming weeks.

In the future, TikTok will embed the Content Credential technology into content generated on the platform, a move poised to significantly impact their provenance. Upon integration, consumers can spot AI-generated content using C2PA for downloaded and edited content.

Alongside the new tools, TikTok disclosed plans to unveil media literacy resources to educate consumers on the harmful effects of AI-generated content in partnership with Mediawise and WITNESS.

“We’ll also be launching a campaign to raise awareness around AI labeling and potentially misleading AIGC, with a series of videos we developed with expert guidance from WITNESS,” the announcement read.

For over a year, TikTok creators have been required to label content with AI elements, and the company is keen on matching the pace of other social media platforms. The integration of C2PA has made TikTok the first social media platform to add the auto-labeling feature as it seeks to reduce its recent regulatory pressure.

Finding solutions for the AI menace

While deepfake scams are running wild, the digital currency industry appears to be the hardest hit in recent months, with schemes netting bad actors millions of dollars in illicit profit. One scam involving deepfake videos of Elon Musk fleeced victims in Hong Kong amid a resurgence of AI tokens.

Regulators have set things in motion to bring AI under firm control by calling for clear labeling of AI-generated content and prescribing stiff punishments. Others are pining for a concerted global effort toward legislation to maintain uniformity across the board and prevent regulatory arbitrage.

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