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Top Artificial Intelligence AI Courses from GitLab

GitLab offers AI features like code suggestions, vulnerability explanations, and DevSecOps automation, which streamline development processes. These features leverage AI to enhance code quality, improve security, and accelerate deployment. GitLab’s AI courses provide practical guidance on utilizing these features effectively, enabling developers to leverage AI for more efficient and secure software development. This article lists some of the AI courses by GitLab that empower developers to harness AI capabilities to optimize their workflows and enhance software development efficiency.

Setting Up Code Suggestions

This course teaches you how to use GitLab Duo Code Suggestions to enhance your coding efficiency. It covers leveraging AI for code completion and generation, providing instant suggestions, and creating code from natural language comments.

Turn ML Models into Online Apps

This course demonstrates how to transform machine learning (ML) models into online apps using the GitLab DevSecOps Platform and Vertex AI. It allows learners to gain practical insights through a detailed demo to integrate ML models into web applications seamlessly.

Train ML Models with GPU-Enabled Runners

This course shows you how to accelerate the training of machine learning (ML) models using GitLab GPU-enabled runners. It covers the efficient techniques for speeding up your ML workflows.

No MLOps Without DevSecOps

This blog post explores how the GitLab data Science team leverages the DevSecOps platform to automate ML model training, improve experiment reproducibility, and enhance ML experiment tracking. It provides practical examples to help you gain insights into streamlining your data science workflows.

Remediate Vulnerabilities with GitLab AI

This course covers the Explain this Vulnerability AI feature, which uses Google AI to summarize and explain detected vulnerabilities. Participants learn how to enable this feature and use AI-generated suggestions to remediate vulnerabilities, including a practical example with an SQL injection.

GitLab Duo Case Study – Demo

This tutorial offers an overview of GitLab Duo, showcasing AI-powered DevSecOps features. It covers how to build, test, and deploy a chatbot with an LLM using GitLab, enhancing efficiency and reducing cycle times across the software development lifecycle with AI integration.

Learning Rust with AI

This tutorial guides you through learning Rust using AI-powered GitLab Duo Code Suggestions. Participants will experience a hands-on tutorial to master Rust efficiently with AI assistance.

Advanced Rust with AI

This course extends the previous tutorial, “Learning Rust with AI,” focusing on designing and building a simple feed reader application. It dives deeper into Rust programming with a hands-on project, leveraging AI assistance for an enriched learning experience.

Introduction to CI/CD

This course explains the fundamentals of CI/CD and its importance in DevSecOps and the GitLab platform. By the end, you’ll be able to define CI/CD, understand its benefits, and describe the GitLab CI/CD workflow in the software development lifecycle.

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