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UiPath & Microsoft launch AI-powered business automation

UiPath has announced a new integration with Microsoft Copilot, which aims to deliver AI-powered automation to millions of Microsoft 365 users. The announcement spotlights the ability for joint customers to utilise specialised AI models to automate processes within Microsoft Copilot and Teams, leveraging data stored in Microsoft 365 Graph.

This collaboration is designed to enhance productivity by allowing users to automate business processes directly within Teams. Through the new UiPath plugin for Copilot, workers can execute pre-built automations to handle repetitive tasks. These tasks include utilising AI models for document understanding and other specialised functions within the Microsoft 365 environment.

Graham Sheldon, Chief Product Officer at UiPath, stated, “Our collaboration with Microsoft integrates UiPath automations to enable potentially millions of Microsoft users to extend the power of automation within Microsoft Copilot by accessing GenAI and specialised AI models from UiPath. We strive to accelerate human achievement through our end-to-end automation platform.”

UiPath is one of the first ecosystem partners for Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. The integration provides access to UiPath’s enterprise-grade automation capabilities directly through Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Teams. This move is aimed at transforming digital workspaces and fostering enhanced user experiences through AI and automation.

The partnership will enable users to automate end-to-end business processes, utilising Microsoft 365 Graph as a knowledge base in conjunction with UiPath’s automation and document understanding models. Examples given include tasks like processing loan requests and handling email communications within Teams, which can now be managed through simple commands.

Srini Raghavan, Vice President of Product, Microsoft Teams Ecosystem, added, “UiPath Business Automation Platform’s integration with Microsoft Copilot allows Microsoft 365 users to discover and run UiPath automations directly from Copilot for Microsoft 365. Solutions like this are at the heart of advancing a new era of work with Microsoft Copilot helping make employees more productive and creative.”

The integration aims to provide users with capabilities to automate common and industry-specific tasks, supported by a pre-built automation library. This initiative aligns with a broader strategy to integrate AI into workplace productivity tools, addressing issues such as worker burnout, which 58% of workers believe can be mitigated through AI-powered automation.

The announcement was made during the Microsoft Build 2024 conference, where UiPath showcased its Intelligent Document Processing and other platform features at booth FP46. The conference provided an opportunity for attendees to see first-hand how UiPath’s solutions can be integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem to boost productivity and enhance user experiences.

Microsoft Azure is also highlighted as a preferred cloud platform for UiPath, which includes UiPath Automation Cloud. This partnership underscores how the two companies aim to innovatively combine AI and automation to meet the growing demands of modern digital workplaces.

The UiPath and Microsoft Copilot integration is expected to set a new standard in business automation, driving a transformation in how companies use technology to streamline their operations and foster a more collaborative and efficient workplace environment.

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