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Users Concerned About AI Ethics

According to a CX Network survey, 43% of consumers are worried about the moral application of AI. Although generative AI has improved customer loyalty, according to 29% of CX professionals, 55% of experts concur that customers are increasingly more concerned about data security and privacy.

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Customers are now calling for increased transparency and stronger security when businesses use AI. The results are emphasised in the premier study from CX Network, “The Global State of CX 2024,” which discusses the most recent developments in CX and consumer behaviour.

The survey results of 282 CX practitioners, service leaders, experience designers, analysts, and consultants were used to construct the report.Through feedback loops, organisations should allow customers to voice their preferences and concerns while also involving them in the development of AI solutions.

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This fosters trust and helps customers understand technology. Organisations may establish themselves as pioneers in this field and guarantee that AI technologies benefit all parties involved in the CX ecosystem by working together with industry associations, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders to influence the future of ethical AI use.

Technology is frequently adopted by customer experience (CX) after marketing, when attention-grabbing technologies are required. Customer experience, on the other hand, is responsible for maintaining and growing customer connections, which frequently favours traditional, less hazardous strategies. Even if consumers do not yet value new technologies, businesses should follow forward-thinking brands and take note of their endeavours.

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