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W4B launches powerful AI Automation tool for hospitality industry in partnership with VC backed Persona Studios

W4B announces a new AI automation tool in collaboration with Persona Studio, designed to enhance revenue, guest engagement, and streamline operations for the accommodation industry.

W4B (Website 4 Bookings), a leading provider of digital solutions for the accommodation industry, is excited to announce the launch of its ground-breaking AI automation tool for its website and app clients. W4B has created this ground-breaking AI in partnership with Persona Studio, a venture capital-backed start-up with $1 million in funding.

Designed to increase revenue and reduce staffing and administrative costs, these AI tools will increase guest engagement, drive repeat business, and streamline reservations and operations for accommodation providers. More than just automated conversational agents these powerful AI assistants are fully integrated and customisable to clients’ needs and become increasingly powerful and knowledgeable as they continuously learn and update, ensuring the assistants get better over time improving guest services.

This is the ultimate AI assistant to help businesses grow whether hotels, vacation rentals or serviced apartment businesses and is set to transform the way the hospitality sector runs its operations, sales, and marketing.

Streamlining Operations and Increasing Revenue

This AI is fully integrated, customisable with powerful capabilities able to handle a wide range of tasks via speech or text, making them versatile in handling guest interactions. From answering guests’ FAQs, the AI can provide 24/7 support in over 20 languages designed to elevate guest services, reservations, sales and marketing, from qualifying leads to processing bookings, they can even collect personalised marketing data.

Reduce Staff Costs and Improve Guest Experiences

As the hospitality industry continually evolves, staying ahead requires delivering exceptional guest experiences to encourage repeat bookings. W4B is leveraging AI to help accommodation providers interact with guests more efficiently and easily eliminating the need to hire and train more staff. This collaboration with Persona Studio ensures the AI provides solutions to simplify daily tasks, discover time-saving automation opportunities, and support businesses in offering superior guest experiences.

W4B CEO Chris McCrow says: “We’ve been helping hotel, vacation rentals and serviced apartment businesses scale sustainably for over ten years. This collaboration in partnership with Persona Studio, positions us as a leading end-to-end partner for accommodation businesses, offering holistic integration of our innovative web design and digital marketing, with AI-driven web and mobile capabilities specifically tailored for the hospitality sector”.

AI Benefits
  • Enhance Guest User Experience: Engage with your guests from check-in to check-out using high-quality hospitality management software. This ensures a memorable stay by providing personalised information for guests during their stay, encouraging guest loyalty and positive reviews.
  • Collect Marketing Data: Collect valuable marketing data to help you better understand your guests and their needs. This data-driven approach helps to build more effective marketing strategies and tailored guest experiences during each stay.
  • Revenue Generation: Encourage direct bookings through targeted interactions and save on commission fees from OTAs. The platform also facilitates cross and up-selling of complementary services, boosting your revenue streams.
  • Operational Savings: Reduce the burden on staff team via AI-powered automation for repetitive tasks. Streamline operations and improve efficiency, allowing staff to focus on delivering exceptional service.

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