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Webtoons, Animations, Web3 Games, and AI Chatbots Coming

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April 26, 2024 12:35 EDT
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Webtoons are highly popular. They are coming to the meme coin market with SoraMala ($SORAMALA). A meme coin that is not a dog, cat, frog, or monkey? That’s true. SoraMala boldly ventures into uncharted meme coin territory in tribute to Sora AI. As expected, it is becoming a viral sensation. 

Here is Why 

SoraMala is the first ever Webtoon AI meme coin.The Ethereum-based meme coin features Webtoon-inspired memes as part of building its community. Rather than focusing on quick gains, it is channeling its efforts toward nurturing a loyal community of diamond hands. The goal is to stand the test of time in the fleeting market where the average lifespan of a meme coin in the spotlight is days if it’s lucky. Through webtoon memes, animations, Web3 games, and AI chatbots, the project plans to build an extensive ecosystem that holds the community together. Furthermore, these utilities will drive the consistent demand for $SORAMALA tokens even as the speculative wave fades. The distinct name pays homage to Sora AI. The project from OpenAI is building an AI model that can create realistic and imaginative scenes from text instructions. What distinguishes SoraMala in the largely speculative meme coin market is its emphasis on AI technology. It blends meme culture with genuine innovation, in other words. 

Powered by a Team of Experts

SoraMala is born from the vision of a team of forward-thinking innovators and global influencers. They have backgrounds in blockbuster franchise game development, art, and film screenwriting. With deep expertise in cutting-edge AI and Web3 technologies, they intend to tap into Sora AI’s transformative impact. They have earned the trust of the industry’s elite clientele to establish a remarkable track record. However, the advent of Sora AI poses a threat with potential job displacement. Instead of calling for a slowing down of technology and innovation, they have chosen to embrace it. They turn their focus to the growing meme market, where their expertise can be put to best use. Their goal is to bring more fun and levity to the market. SoraMala draws inspiration from the mysterious animal born from the most innovative Sora AI in 2024. “Sora” means “sky” in Japanese, and “Mala” means “spicy” in Chinese. Combining these words, SoraMala is “a mind as clear and transparent as the sky, the challenge of infinite possibilities, and the spicy taste of innovative technology present”. According to the white paper, the project embraces a clear and transparent corporate ethos, by tapping into the concepts of intrinsic value and rewards within cryptocurrency.Follow SoraMala onTwitter and Telegram for the latest updates. 

Robust Staking System For Sustainable Price Action

To strengthen the token’s long-term value,SoraMala implements an innovative staking mechanism. Most meme coins are susceptible to rapid price fluctuations. In fact, rapid ups and downs characterize the market. It’s hard for them to stay in the mainstream for the long term.SoraMala takes steps to prevent this. It aims for a position among the first three meme coins. Not fleeting hype. As part of this, it is important to safeguard the system against abrupt sell-offs.Stakers are crucial to a token’s ecosystem stability, security, and expansion – especially in the first stage. They foster a sense of community ownership, spurring demand and utility for the token even as the initial hype subsides. 

  • 10% of the token supply (10,000,000,000 tokens) is allocated to staking in the first year, strategically curbing premature sell-offs.
  • 5% of the supply (5,000,000,000 tokens) supports the staking system in the second stage. 

Autonomy against downturns is the goal of the staking system. Built-in resilience and long-term viability make it self-sustainable. Beyond the crypto market, SoraMala will make contributions toward charitable endeavors, community initiatives, and worthy causes worldwide.SoraMala’s roadmap emphasizes sustainable growth, as shown below. 

Is SoraMala The Next Pepe?

Pepe was one of the biggest meme coin sensations of 2023. It continues to stay in the limelight with a large community of loyal backers, despite the ups and downs. But SoraMala is not the next Pepe. Except for its pioneering vision that dares to venture beyond the conventional path, SoraMala is not similar to any established meme coin projects. The project’s unique theme carries inherent viral potential. With a strong emphasis on utility and ecosystem integrations, it seeks to solidify its long-term significance. The staking system further strengthens its investment outlook. The project operates in a community-centric structure that prioritizes transparency and decentralization. $SORAMALA presale is structured into multiple stages. The staking APY is high at this point, as shown above. It will decrease as more investors join the pool. After the launch, $SORAMALA will be available for purchase on top DEXs and CEXs. 


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