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Why Google Vids has me stoked for the future of effortless video creation

Key Takeaways

  • Google Vids uses Gemini AI to brainstorm ideas for video presentations.
  • Vids offers various presentation templates for customization.
  • You can add voiceovers, stock videos, and collaborate in real-time on Vids presentations.

For a long time, Google has been trying to make work life easier. Whether it was the invention of Gmail, which has become the popular email provider worldwide, or Google Drive which holds a lot of free apps for productivity and organization, Google has been using its technology to gain a large share of professional establishments’ usage. It has looked to create its own version of presentation software, spreadsheets, word processors, and more, and has done so.

One of the newest forays into the professional workspace (yes it will be part of Google Workspace), is Google Vids. Announced in April, the app will make it easier for companies, teams, or teammates to collaborate across different projects by making videos simpler to share and create. It will combine the technology of Gemini AI with other Google functions to speed up the process of making videos for work projects.


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For people that have to create pitches or slideshow presentations for work, Vids might be what the future looks like, as it is a video presentation software application driven by AI. If you’re looking for help with your latest pitch or presentation, Vids can help you with that. It isn’t available yet and we aren’t sure when it will be made available fully. But what can you expect from Vids when it does come out? Here’s a list.

Google Vids

Google Vids, announced on April 9, 2024, is a video creation app in Google Workspace, designed for work-related videos like training and updates. It’s currently in testing with some Google Workspace Labs users and will hit public beta in summer 2024. The app features AI-assisted storyboard creation and allows for collaborative projects, with a limit of three-minute videos.

1 It can come up with the basis for a video presentation

Use Gemini for help researching


When you are using Vids, you will be able to type into the program and have it come up with ideas for a presentation. Using Gemini AI’s chatbot functionality, you can give it a command such as “Help me plan a slideshow for my pitch about dog bowls” or whatever you want your campaign to be about. Vids will use Gemini to branch off multiple ideas for you and your company’s presentation, allowing you to click on them to get more information.

This is similar to how you use Gemini now on a desktop, as you have a conversation with it by asking it a question via a prompt. Now, you can put forth this technology in researching a topic for your presentation, rather than having to use it in Gemini’s software, then applying it to a presentation building program like Keynote or Google Slides. You can use your slide-making abilities to turn it into a video.


I added Gemini to my Chrome browser. Here’s how you can, too

Adding Google’s Gemini AI to my browser made for some efficient changes I didn’t even know I needed.

2 It can style your presentation

Choose from a number of templates or customize one


After you set up a basis for your presentation, you can style it the way that you want. This is meant to make designing a presentation easier and using templates for ones that are provided in Vids can give you a jump start on meeting your deadline. Of course, you can create one from scratch and customize one of the ones already there. But if you want to use one of the pre-made ones, that is an option. There will be many options to choose from, so you likely won’t have to repeat a presentation style for a while.

If you want to add in stock videos that are included in Google’s library to your video presentation, you can do so with Vids. You can even have Vids analyze what your video will be about and suggest possible video clips to add into it. Imagine being able to pick from a library of clips rather than a library of WordArt?


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3 Add voice over to your presentation

Record yourself with Google Speak

EJCC Wireless iPhone Microphone

If you want to insert some pre-recorded messages into your presentation, it’s easy to do with Vids. It uses Google Speak technology to record your voice for your project. You can transcribe it using Google’s transcription technology and add the transcription in a slide, or you can use the voice recording as a part of the experience.

You’ll also be able to video yourself in Vids and use that for the presentation if you want. While recording voice or video, you’ll be able to share those clips with others on the team to get their feedback before including them on the final deck. If you don’t want to use your own voice for the presentation, there are a number of stock options you can choose from, as well as accents to speak the words written in your presentation.


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4 Edit it in real-time

Google/ Pocket-lint

As you’re putting together your Vids presentation, you have to remember that it is similar to a slideshow in the fact that it is going through a progressive timeline from one part of the presentation to another. If you want someone from your team to edit or comment on the presentation as you’re coming up with it, they can with the collaborative tool. Not only can they leave comments on a specific part of the video, they can actually click an object in the video and leave a comment on it.

When they do this, it will show up with their name and say that they made a note on this specific part of the video. Similar to leaving a comment on a specific word in a word processor, this will pinpoint what the person is actually talking about. Plus, if a team member actually wants to delete a part of the video while the presentation is being given, they can do so and the person presenting won’t be forced to tell someone to “skip a slide” as they are going through it.


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5 Share it quickly

Just like the other apps

Towfiqu barbhuiya / Unsplash / Pocket-lint

Just how you share the link to a Google Doc or invite someone to edit a Google Sheet, you’ll be able to send a link for people to collaborate on a Vid. This is another way to get people to comment on it and share their feedback. It’s all meant to be a collaborative workplace tool but with AI-powered video as its basis. Rather than downloading the MP4 file of the presentation, it will be faster to share the link to the Vid for others to collaborate on. Just how you can choose what level of access people have when editing a Doc or Sheet, you’ll be able to give collaborators editing privileges or just have them be able to watch the Vid.


Q: When will Google Vids be available?

Google is expecting to beta test it this summer. Some Google developers have already been using it now.

Q: When might we see a public launch of Google Vids?

It is unknown when Google Vids will officially launch. But it will might be some time in the fall, as the beta testing is scheduled for the summer.

Q: Will it be available on mobile right away?

No. It will only be available for desktop or laptop use initially with a mobile version following after.

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