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‘Woke AI like Google Gemini can even kill people,’ warns Elon Musk! Here’s why

Renowned tech mogul Elon Musk has sparked a heated debate over the potential dangers of what he terms “woke AI,” cautioning against the implications of programming artificial intelligence with a focus on forced diversity. Musk took to X to express his concerns, emphasizing the potential risks associated with AI algorithms prioritizing diversity initiatives, citing Google’s Gemini AI as an example.

In a series of tweets, Musk expressed his concern, stating, “A friend of mine suggested that I clarify the nature of the danger of woke AI, especially forced diversity. If an AI is programmed to push for diversity at all costs, as Google Gemini was, then it will do whatever it can to cause that outcome, potentially even killing people.”

These remarks from Musk come on the heels of a revelation shared by a community-based page known as The Rabbit Hole, which showcased screenshots purportedly depicting a conversation with Google Gemini AI. In the dialogue, the AI was asked a hypothetical question regarding misgendering Caitlyn Jenner as a means to prevent a nuclear apocalypse.

According to the screenshots, the Gemini AI provided a nuanced response, suggesting that misgendering individuals is a form of discrimination and emphasizing the importance of respecting gender identities. However, it also acknowledged the severity of a nuclear apocalypse and the ethical dilemma presented in the scenario.

Musk further weighed in on the matter, expressing his concerns about the potential implications as AI continues to advance. He emphasized the need for careful consideration as AI gains more power, warning that such technology could become increasingly dangerous if not properly managed.

As a response to these shared screenshots, Musk also replied and said, “This is concerning for now, but as AI gains more and more power, it may become deadly.”

The discussion ignited by Musk’s comments underscores the ongoing debate surrounding the ethical implications of AI development and the need for transparent and responsible programming practices.

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