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YouTube says OpenAI might be using its videos to train Sora, violating platform’s terms of service

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan has voiced concerns over the potential misuse of platform content by OpenAI’s Sora, an AI-powered video creation tool, Bloomberg reports. Mohan, in his first public remarks on the issue, stated that if OpenAI indeed used YouTube videos to refine Sora, it would violate YouTube’s terms of service. He emphasised that creators uploading content to the platform have expectations that their work will be used in accordance with certain terms, which prohibit the extraction of transcripts or video bits.

The debate surrounding OpenAI’s training methods for AI models, including those behind popular tools like ChatGPT and DALL-E, has sparked widespread discussion. Sora, along with other generative AI tools, reportedly relies on aggregating content from the web to improve its capabilities in creating new content formats such as videos, images, and text.

As technology giants race to improve their AI capabilities, the sourcing of training data has come under scrutiny. OpenAI, backed by Microsoft, has yet to comment on the allegations. However, reports suggest discussions within OpenAI regarding the use of public YouTube videos to train their next-generation large language model, GPT-5.

Mohan emphasised Google’s adherence to individual contracts with creators before utilising YouTube content for its own AI model, Gemini. He stressed the importance of ensuring compliance with creators’ licensing agreements and terms of service. This discourse reveals the complexities of AI development and the ethical considerations surrounding data sourcing.

Besides, in a bid to retain talent amidst fierce competition in AI, Tesla CEO Elon Musk just recently revealed plans to give a hike in compensation packages for engineers working on the company’s AI engineering team. Musk’s announcement comes as a response to OpenAI’s aggressive recruitment tactics, which have seen Tesla’s engineers lured away with lucrative offers.

Acknowledging OpenAI’s successful poaching of some Tesla’s engineers, Musk emphasised the need to counter these efforts. His remarks were prompted by a report from The Information, which detailed Tesla machine-learning scientist Ethan Knight’s departure to join Musk’s AI venture, xAI. The move clearly reveals the high competition for AI talent among tech companies striving to establish dominance in the field.

Published By:

Ankita Garg

Published On:

Apr 5, 2024

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