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5 big things in AI that happened this week: OpenAI launched ChatGPT Edu, Google AI Overviews generated odd results, more

AI roundup: The last week of May was quite eventful with several AI advancements. For starters, OpenAI announced a new version of ChatGPT specially designed for universities. The ChatGPT Edu will empower students, faculty, researchers, and campus operations to simplify tasks. On the other hand, Google’s new AI search feature made headlines for generating misleading responses. Check more AI news from this week in our AI roundup.

  1. OpenAI unveils ChatGPT Edu for universities 

OpenAI launched a new version of its AI chatbot, ChatGPT Edu which is designed for universities. The model is reportedly helpful for students, faculty, researchers, and campus operations. It is powered by OpenAI’s flagship AI model, GPT-4o which can conduct human-like conversations. The model has the ability to understand text, coding, and mathematics, according to an OpenAI blog post. 

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2. Google AI overviews face a major backlash

Google’s new AI Overview feature for search stayed in the limelight the entire week on social media due to its unusual responses. The AI search feature gave misleading information such as eating one rock per day is healthy. However, now Google has made a statement regarding the faults and it has implemented dozens of technical improvements to avoid such search overviews. Google said, “In a small number of cases, we have seen AI Overviews misinterpret language on webpages and present inaccurate information. We worked quickly to address these issues.” 

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3. EU announced a new office dedicated to AI Act enforcement

European Union has set up a new office which will work as a watchdog and see an implementation of the country’s AI act. EU said that new office work for the “future development, deployment and use” of ever-evolving AI technologies. Margerthe Vertager, the EU competition chief said, “Together with developers and a scientific community, the office will evaluate and test general-purpose AI to ensure that AI serves us as humans and upholds our European values, according to AI News report. 

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4. Truecaller announced an AI Call Scanner to detect voice cloning 

Trucaller has announced a new AI Call Scanner feature which has the ability to detect human and artificially synthesised voices to catch scams and fraudulent activities. Truecaller said, “ Illegitimate voice cloning and speech synthesis technologies are advancing rapidly and are already widely accessible,” therefore, this feature will allow users to avoid or act quickly whenever the feature detects anything unusual, based on our previous report. 

5. Google announced Gemini-powered Chromebook Plus laptops

Google introduces advanced AI features for the Chromebook Plus laptops. These are laptops which run on ChromeOS and are powered by Google’s set hardware requirements. Its AI features include Help me write, Generative AI wallpaper, Magic Editor, and Gemini to ChromeOS home. Chromebook Plus laptops are offered by partnered companies such as HP, Acer and ASUS. If you are an existing Chromebook Plus users, then the AI features will be integrated via a system update. 

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