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5 ChatGPT Prompts To Land Your Dream Job Faster

5 ChatGPT prompts to land your dream job faster

Jonathan Javier

Life is too short to do work you hate. If you’re counting down the hours until the clock hits 5pm, you need to make a change. Landing your dream job is possible for you, but you need to be smart. Try these ChatGPT prompts to unlock a new level of professional and personal growth. Reimagine your professional aspirations and shoot for the stars.

Jonathan Javier is CEO and co-founder of Wonsulting, whose mission is to “turn underdogs into winners.” As a first-generation Filipino-American, Javier has “sought to help those coming from non-traditional backgrounds land jobs in their dream companies.” Javier himself has secured roles at companies including Snap, Google and Cisco, and built up 350,000 LinkedIn followers by sharing his tips.

Turning Javier’s professional expertise into AI-powered actionable guidance is Alamin Hossain, an AI educator actively engaged in teaching AI and ChatGPT to 170,000 people across LinkedIn, X and his newsletter 8020AI, which shares AI news and educational content.

Use these ChatGPT prompts to reimagine your personality and professional conduct so they work in your favor. Copy, paste and edit the square brackets in ChatGPT, and keep the same chat window open so the context carries through.

Unlock your dream job: accelerate landing a new role

Approach hiring managers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is growing and you need to get involved. Forget job boards. Forget applying. “Networking on LinkedIn allows you to connect with points of contact at companies directly rather than going through the traditional method of landing a job,” said Javier, who suggested that you “network on LinkedIn and find recruiters and hiring managers hiring for roles you qualify for.” Javier believes with the right approach, “you can make a great first impression and showcase why you’re the best candidate, so they know who you are before anyone else.”

Here’s Hossain’s prompt to personalize and use with ChatGPT: “Create a message to connect with a professional at [describe the company] on LinkedIn, discussing my interest in the [enter job title] position and how my background in [describe your field] makes me a strong candidate. [Add context from your professional experience]. Use simple and direct, assertive yet friendly language.”

Understand (and match) the job description

Don’t make irrelevant requests. You’re better than that. “Make sure you fit the minimum qualifications for the job you’re applying to, and at least 80% of the preferred qualifications,” explained Javier. “Tailor your resume bullets to match the job description by thinking about how you’ve utilized these in your experiences and adding them in.” He suggested “taking a look at job descriptions for your target role and assessing their common skills and qualifications, to incorporate into your resume.” Do all this with the following prompt:

“Highlight the 5 most important responsibilities in these job descriptions: [paste job descriptions of roles you want to apply for].”

After you have done that, share this addition: “Review my resume to see if my skills match: [paste your resume on a new line]. Provide a mismatch percentage for these jobs against my resume and suggest how I can (a) learn new skills or (b) edit my resume to better demonstrate that I match the job descriptions.”

Craft your covering letter

Javier thinks cover letters are a waste of time, especially when your resume and networking ability say far more about your suitability for the role. From research he conducted with recruiters, he found, “most recruiters request resumes, even though they don’t read them.” Use Hossain’s ChatGPT prompt to tick the boxes for this step so you don’t fall short at the first hurdle.

“Write a personalized cover letter for [job title] at [company]. The job description is: [paste job description]. Use information from my resume: [resume]. Match my writing style of [describe your writing style] and don’t use metaphors or words such as [include examples of ChatGPT’s signature words, e.g. landscape, evolving, dynamic, moreover]. The goal is to create a compelling, personalized cover letter that positions me as an ideal candidate for the role.”

Test variations of your resume

Applying to hundreds of jobs and landing zero interviews? You need to try something new. “A/B test your resume and keep it improving,” suggested Javier. Dig into the data. “Once you see one version gets more positive responses than the others, stick with that one.” Use this prompt to create a resume variation you can send out today.

“I want to run an A/B test on my resume. Update my resume for the 5 ChatGPT Prompts To Land Your Dream Job Faster role at [company] by focusing on relevant skills mentioned in the job description [job description]. Here is my current resume [paste resume on a new line]. Suggest 5 significant edits for testing a new version and explain your reasoning.”

Conduct a mock interview / Prepare for the interview

Once you’ve secured an interview, Javier recommends a practice run. “Mock interviews are a great way to get feedback and improve for the real deal.” Create a structure for how you answer behavioral questions, “like using CAR (context, action, result) to ensure you don’t go off track and ramble.” Javier believes the best way to predict your interview questions is by writing, “tell me about the time you…” before each of your qualifications, then practicing answers to a proven structure. Here’s the prompt to get some help.

“Conduct a technical mock interview for the role of [job title] at [company name] with job description [paste job description] and the resume I submitted [paste your resume]. Ask me a series of 10 likely interview questions, one after the other, gauging my expertise and storytelling ability, as well as how it could be improved, after each one. Incorporate questions including “tell me about the time you…” related to specific information in my resume.”

Fast-track your career with 5 essential ChatGPT prompts

The journey to your dream job is not just about qualifications and experience, it’s about the research you do, the story you tell, and how much you stand out from everyone else. Approach hiring managers to get on their radar, and make sure your resume matches the job description. Craft your covering letter so it doesn’t let you down, test different variations of your resume and get prepared for interviews with ChatGPT. Watch new doors open in front of your eyes.

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