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50 Awesome ChatGPT Prompts to Explore in 2024

ChatGPT is a conversational language model developed by OpenAI. It is based on the transformer architecture and trained on a large corpus of text data to generate human-like responses to a given prompt. The model can be used for various NLP tasks, including but not limited to text generation, question-answering, and dialogue management.

ChatGPT is rapidly becoming a popular go-to that allows users to create specific prompts and train chatbots to retrieve data, synthesize existing knowledge, and perform creative tasks. Users can use ChatGPT to ask about anything, from trivia to marketing, history, and educational prompts. 

50 Awesome ChatGPT Prompts to Explore in 2023:

What is a Prompt?

A prompt is any phrase or set of keywords you can input into an AI tool such as ChatGPT. The tool will interpret the prompt and generate a response based on its existing knowledge base. Because AI-powered tools like ChatGPT can learn from prompts continuously, users will enrich its analytical capabilities with varied prompts. 

When writing prompts for ChatGPT, you want to provide a clear and complete context for the model to generate a response. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Be specific: Provide as much detail as possible about what you’re asking and the context intended for that prompt.

Be concise: Keep your prompts short and to the point, focusing on the most relevant information.

Use natural language: Write prompts as you would ask a question to another person, using proper grammar and sentence structure.

Avoid ambiguity: Avoid using vague language or incomplete sentences that could have multiple interpretations.

Move away from yes and no questions: Relating to being precise, these yes and no questions may not produce as much comprehensive response as other types of queries. 

Consider tone and style: Consider the tone and style of your prompts to ensure the response generated by ChatGPT is consistent with your desired manner.

Overall, the goal is to provide ChatGPT with a clear and specific prompt that it can use to generate a coherent and relevant response.

ChatGPT Prompts 

There are limitless possibilities when using ChatGPT. Here are our recommended prompts to make your experience entertaining, thought-provoking, and productive!

Marketing ChatGPT Prompts

Online marketing is nuanced and saturated – creatives may sometimes feel fresh out of ideas. ChatGPT can be a tool to refresh your creative juices, review social media strategies, and keep your campaigns inspired. Check out some prompts relating to marketing:

Ad Ideas: You can use ChatGPT to generate ideas about different advertising campaigns. You can determine the product or service, your target audience, and which channel to show the ad. 

“Can you create an ad about a new probiotic drink targeting 18 to 30-year-olds?”

Stats: Ask about summarized definitions or facts about a product or service.

“Remittance apps market research in Thailand”

Blog Ideas: Input questions about content or blog ideas.

“Can you provide some ideas for blog posts that highlight the advantages and disadvantages of recycling plastic?”

“Can you tell me which SEO blog titles will be the best for a website selling environmentally friendly bath products?”

Marketing Channel: Ask which channel to focus on for your campaign.

“Which is the best marketing channel for activewear?”

SEO: Generate plagiarism-free content that focuses on keywords

“If you are an SEO specialist, can you create 2 articles that cover the keywords HVAC services?”

“Give me long-tail keyword suggestions about mountain bikes”

“Please write a creative outreach email for a guest post pitch. Include the keyword “plastic-free” in each email. Make sure to come up with 5 title ideas using this keyword.” 

Web traffic: Ask about organic traffic strategies.

“Can you give me 5 free techniques on how to boost my website’s organic traffic?”

CTA: Ask ideas about CTAs for your specific product or service.

“Make 5 attention-grabbing CTA messages and buttons for an online drugstore app”

Links: Gain tips about backlinking strategies.

“What are the 4 best ways to get high-quality backlinks to my food-tasting blog?”

Gaming ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT will easily provide users with facts and reliable information, but it can also be prompted to facilitate games. Here are some prompt examples if you want to have a leisurely time:

Traditional Games: You can ask ChatGPT to play classic games.

“Pretend you are my friend who will play chess with me. e4 is my first turn. Write your next turn.”

“Using the Dungeons and Dragons player handbook, act as the dungeon master for a party of 3 characters. You will introduce the world, our names, talents, and backstories. You will say when it is my turn.”

“Can you make a puzzle game where a 4-digit code is the solution?”

Guessing Game: You can play guessing games and other amusement activities with ChatGPT, but make sure that the entire game is explained before the bot can start playing.

“I thought of a character. Now, try to guess the character I have on my mind in less than 10 yes or no questions.”

“Let’s play a trivia game about cars.”

“Let’s play two truths and a lie.”

Entertainment ChatGPT Prompts

Aside from games, you can start an entertaining conversation by asking ChatGPT to portray a particular persona. You can ask it to generate content as an interviewee, expert in an industry, host, etc. Below are a few sample prompts:

“I want you to act as a motivational coach. I will provide a sample scenario about challenges, and it will be your job to give positive affirmations and helpful advice. To start, what would you say to a student struggling to talk to his parents about changing his field of study.”

“Pretend you are Eminem and write me a song making fun of Gen Z.”

“Write a short story about Bud and Dud, two best friends who are always late for work because of funny events.”

“Two priests leave enter an Irish pub. Continue the joke.”

“Describe Miley Cyrus using biblical language.”

“Invent a game that can be played by 4 persons. You only have to use a dice, a string, and a piece of paper as part of the game.”

Business ChatGPT Prompts 

Need help writing an introduction for a speaker? Want to have a digestible summary of your topic? Users can input these types of prompts for a more efficient work process. These are some prompts to guide you:

“Dr. Smith’s resume [paste the resume here]

Given the above information, please write a one-paragraph speaker bio about Dr. Smith.”

“I am trying to open a project manager position in my company. Help me write a reference list addressing the most important qualifications that I can include for this position.”

“Summarize the above content about muscle hypertrophy using 10 bullet points. Make sure to include the keyword “muscle growth in at least five of the points.”

“I have a baking event next week. Give me 7 different savory recipes using raisins.” 

Parsing Details: Users can cite examples so that ChatGPT can gain the context of your prompt.

“You are a nutrition and weight loss expert answering questions. Reply as a teacher:

Client: Can you calculate the percentage of daily calorie intake needed if I want to lose 50 pounds in one year? Starting weight: 200 kg.”

“Identify 5 potential gaps that a food delivery app can improve on.”

Response Length: You can further specify if you’re after a sentence response or a longer text.

Instead of “Summarize this article” use “Please create a 300-word summary of this article.”

“Can you edit and improve my resume and make it a two-page document?”

Industry Insights: ChatGPT can give suggestions on business workflows and processes.

“Check all your sources on UX/UI best practices. I need help in designing an intuitive navigation system for my new dating app.” 

“I need some tips on developing an effective cybersecurity strategy that will address the needs of my financial startup.”

“Can you help me develop a solid plan for improving my eCommerce site that sells hypoallergenic jewelry?”

Educational ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT can also be used to explore fields of study or verify existing knowledge bases. It not only helps students as a reliable study aid, but it can also assist lifelong learners who want to focus on conversational practice, research, and writing. Check out these sample prompts:

“Describe quantum computing.”

“Using your latest knowledge in medical diagnosis, I will provide some symptoms that describe a person’s gut health. I need help in pointing to likely causes of severe abdominal pain.”   

“Teach me the basics of genealogy and give me a 10-item quiz at the end. But don’t give me the answers until I respond to each question.”

“Create a game using the principles of thermodynamics.”

“Can you edit my results and discussion paper on using politeness in Asian conversational speech?”

Debate: Prompts that relate to debating hot topics can give valuable insight and argumentative points.

“I want you to act as a debater. When I state a topic, you will research both sides of the issue and present valid arguments for each one. You will also give refuting statements and draw persuasive conclusions based on the evidence. The topic is assisted suicide.”

Health and Medicine ChatGPT Prompts

With a myriad of topics and scientific findings surrounding health and wellness, ChatGPT can enlighten users on what is fact vs. what is fiction. It can also recommend health practices based on nutritional and fitness needs.

“Describe how sugar affects the immune system. Cite scientific studies that support your claims.”

“Calculate my total daily energy expenditure based on my weeks’ worth of activities and the food intake.”

“Make me a 5-day intermediate strength training workout using 10-lb dumbbells.”

“Can you design an innovative workout for differently abled people who are wheelchair-bound?”

“Act as a nutritionist and help me create a meal plan that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.”

“What type of medicines can relieve my gout symptoms? Do you recommend any diet restrictions?”

Designer Chat GPT Prompts

Whether you’re working as a freelance creative or busy with a personal project, artist and illustrator prompt can generate fresh ideas, share technical processes, give suggestions on aesthetics and typography, and make your artistic activities more productive overall.

“Can you design a minimalistic logo for my soap brand, Cayyam?”

“I am designing a website for a law firm based in California. What is the best font and color palette for this specific website?”

“What are the biggest factors when determining the price of my 4 x 4 wood carving artwork?”

“Can you help me create a funny comic strip with a rabbit as the main character?”

“How can I develop my own unique style as an artist? Give me the steps to start my journey.”

“What are your packaging tips for a high-end brand of coffee?”

“Please suggest 10 hex color codes for an intimate party that evokes love for nature.”

“How can I create an attention-grabbing graphic that communicates mental health struggle?”


ChatGPT is a game-changer in enriching your work, leisure, and other Internet-based activities. Is it worth spending time on? Definitely. There are three big reasons why ChatGPT can make your online experience better. First is the accurate and informative answers it provides each prompt – ChatGPT is an AI tech trained on a vast amount of data, which enables a user to gain accurate and informative responses to a wide range of questions. Second, it’s fast and convenient! A few clicks on the keyboard and it can generate a response in minutes. Finally, ChatGPT allows for easy integration. You can include the tool in chatbots, customer service systems, voice assistants, and other conversational AI services that your company needs. 

For SMEs and enterprises, such a tool can increase efficiency and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction because response and troubleshooting are done well.

Currently, ChatGPT is still in its beta testing stage, so users can register and test it for free. This is the best time to run different prompts on the tool. You’ll have many exciting responses that you can use for brainstorming, creating task lists, and drafting work-related procedures.

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