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7 ChatGPT Prompts To Apply Taylor Swift’s Rules For Success

7 ChatGPT prompts to apply Taylor Swift’s rules for success


The economics of Taylor Swift are impressive. Securing the fifth spot in Forbes’ annual list of the world’s most powerful women, with an estimated net worth of $1.1 billion, and having boosted the US economy by billions in 2023 alone, she’s a powerful person. Affectionately dubbed “Swiftonomics,” her influence is wide and her energy is high. She makes money, she makes an impact, but more importantly she has fun doing it. A business person, a creative genius and an entertainer that resonates with millions of die-hard fans, every entrepreneur could do with being a little more Taylor Swift.

Use these ChatGPT prompts to take Taylor Swift’s seven key lessons for career success and apply them to your work and life. Copy, paste and edit the square brackets in ChatGPT, and keep the same chat window open so the context carries through.

Be more Taylor Swift: 7 ChatGPT prompts for astounding success

Maintain your self awareness

Swift once noticed that “loss of self awareness and making bad art” were what caused the decline of musicians. “When you lose your self-awareness you start thinking, ‘Oh I’m untouchable, everything around me loves everything I do, I have nothing left to prove.’” she explained. Swift has vowed to stay self aware and keep having something to prove. Keep your sense of self-awareness, don’t lose your head as you gain success. Use this simple prompt to know yourself and keep producing masterpieces.

“When I achieve success in my work, specifically [describe kind of success] I sometimes feel [describe the emotional response to success.] I want to ensure that this doesn’t undermine my ability to be successful in the long term. Adopt the role of a personal development coach and ask me questions, one at a time, with the aim of building my sense of self-awareness so I can stay motivated and keep improving.”

Rely on your friends

Swift’s friends don’t sponge off her. They help each other from a level playing field. To preserve her sense of reality, she said, she surrounds herself “with friends who have their own careers, and who don’t need me for any sense of validation or social climbing, or a career statement.” Hang out with winners and you’ll win too. Hang out with losers and the opposite is true. Turn ChatGPT into your personal friendship coach to figure out who adds value to your life.

“I’m focusing on surrounding myself with individuals who positively influence my personal and professional growth. Evaluate the impact of my social circle. Begin by asking me for the name of a friend. Once I provide it, follow up with a question about their career or main activities, then help me assess whether each friend is a positive influence, encouraging my growth and success, or potentially detracting from my goals. After we discuss one friend, repeat this with additional friends until I say stop. Through this analysis, I aim to understand the value each friend brings to my life and ensure my social circle aligns with my aspirations.”

Take criticism well

“That wasn’t one of my favourites you’ve played me Taylor,” Swift’s friends will tell her about her songs. She uses this information to decide which single opens each of her albums. “You have to be humble enough to accept honesty,” she explained. If your friends have your best interests at heart and know what you’re trying to achieve, this feedback is gold. They want to see you do well and they’ll support you every step. Turn feedback into action with this next prompt for ChatGPT.

“Develop a concrete action plan based on the feedback I’ve received: [insert any recent feedback here]. I’m looking for ways to leverage this critique to enhance my [describe what to apply it to, for example strategies, products, or services.] Ask me clarifying questions, then suggest actionable steps or changes I can implement to transform this feedback into positive developments for my business, ensuring that I actively use it to improve my performance and outcomes.”

Take a break

Swift does not want to be ubiquitous. She wants to maintain her mystery. “At a certain point they’re going to get a little sick of hearing about me,” she said about her fans. She uses this gauge to decide when to release each album, and doesn’t plan on doing the same thing forever. As a self-confessed people-pleaser, “that’s why we become entertainers,” she won’t dress in sparkly dresses and sing songs to teenagers when she’s 40, if that ship has already sailed. Swift is prepared to take breaks to assess, regroup, and then come back stronger.

“Initiate a coaching conversation to assess my career’s current phase and assess whether I should take a break. Start with questions, asked one by one, regarding my recent achievements, key performance metrics, workload, and engagement levels with my audience or clients. Identify if I’m in a peak phase of high demand and success or experiencing a trough, marked by waning interest and diminishing energy. After asking 7 questions, assist me in recognizing the necessity and optimal timing for a strategic break, focusing on opportunities for innovation, rejuvenation, and a strong return.”

Remember your why (and stay excited)

“Enthusiasm is key to continuing to move forward in this business,” said Swift of showbiz, but it applies to entrepreneurship too. She said enthusiastic people like her can, “take that hit, you feel it, but then you think of a new idea and run towards it.” You’re then “fuelled by this relentless enthusiasm disguised as focus.” Channel Taylor Swift’s mindset by remembering your why. She “rarely gets tired of this whole exciting adventure that I get to be a part of,” and neither should you. Use this prompt to stay on track.

“Kick off a coaching session focused on reigniting my entrepreneurial passion. In a series of questions, asked one by one, begin by asking me what initially inspired me to start my business. Follow up with questions about the vision and goals I had in mind at the outset, how these have evolved over time, and the current challenges and successes I’m experiencing. Encourage me to reflect on what changes could bring me closer to that foundational purpose, aiming to restore my enthusiasm for the journey ahead. The goal is to help me reconnect with the core reasons behind my entrepreneurial path, ensuring that I’m driven by a relentless enthusiasm that fuels persistence, creativity, and resilience. Do not ask more than one question at a time.”

Write down your ideas

Swift gets lyric ideas all the time, “and I’ll jot down a line in a notebook.” When she comes back to writing, she will open her notebook and “pull out those clever lines.” Time passes and you forget what you wrote, but the words are there right when you need them. Instead of trying to draw patterns and get content yourself, revisit doodles you made months ago and make sense of them with ChatGPT.

“I have some doodles, notes, and lines I’ve jotted down in my notebook over the past few months. Transform my doodles into content ideas for my business, which [describe what your business does]. The social media platform I primarily use is [mention the platform]. Based on this information, help me develop these initial thoughts into engaging content ideas. The goal is to create posts that resonate with my audience of [describe your audience], that I can develop into fully fledged stories, posts, or campaigns.”

Forgive yourself

“Overthinking is my greatest adversary,” explained Swift, who has to work on being easier on herself because she blames herself whenever things don’t work out. “Some days you’re exhausted and some days you’re in a bad mood and that’s okay,” she explained. “I’ve been a little bit better lately at taking it easier on myself.” She stops thinking that everyone hates her and realizes she’s just wired a certain way. Forgive yourself for bad days and bad moods with a pep talk from ChatGPT.

“Give me an inspirational pep talk focusing on self-forgiveness. I often overthink and blame myself when things don’t go as planned, leading to [outcome, for example exhaustion and bad moods.] I’m working on being easier on myself, especially on acknowledging that it’s okay to have off days. A recent example is [describe a specific situation where you’ve been hard on yourself recently]. Include advice that shifts my perspective to understand that challenging moments don’t define my worth or capabilities. Guide me in embracing my reaction of [describe how you’re wired or your typical reaction to stress] without harsh judgment, fostering a healthier, more compassionate approach to self-evaluation and growth.”

5 ChatGPT prompts to be more Taylor Swift: follow her rules for success

Taylor Swift knows what she’s doing and her secrets for success can help you win big. Stay self-aware to keep moving forward and rely on your friends without them becoming over-reliant on you. Take criticism well from the right kind of people, and take a break to stay fresh in the eyes of your audience. Remember your why to stay excited about your mission, write down every idea for the benefit of your future self, and forgive yourself when you have a bad day. Achieve the success of your wildest dreams and write your business love story.

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