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7 new Kling videos just dropped — OpenAI should be worried for Sora

Kling is a new AI video model from Chinese content platform Kuaishou and from the examples shared on social media it appears to be as good if not better than what we’ve seen from OpenAI with Sora.

The model can generate up to two minutes of high definition video and has an impressive understanding of real world physics — significantly improving how well characters or objects move within the produced video.

It is currently available as a private beta with a number of users sharing dozens of impressive looking short clips. Kling’s creators say it is currently only available in China but they are “actively exploring ways,” to bring it to a wider global audience. 

With Sora still very much only in the hands of a few movie industry insiders and filmmakers, OpenAI may want to ramp up release plans. At the same time we’re also seeing Pika Labs and Runway making major improvements to their AI models.

New clips from Kling are being shared

Dozens of new clips are being shared every day from people given early access to the Kling model and from the team behind the model themselves.

We’ve seen short film productions, trailers and traditional 3-5 second single shot clips made using Kling. These cover everything from photorealistic animals through to futuristic environments. Here are some of my favorites.

1. First person shooter

(Image credit: Kling AI Video)

The first of the videos I spotted was created by the Kling team in response to a call for prompt ideas on X. It features a first person shooter like scene. 

The prompt from Michael Bollox on X: “first person perspective shot of two hands with guns in a video game, character shooting with revolver at targets at a distance, blasts in distance, Unreal Engine.”

2. Otherworld mosaic

Kling AI

(Image credit: Kling AI Video)

Next up was a five second video showing a mosaic floor that gave off the sense of leading to something much bigger. I don’t think it exactly followed the prompt, but that may be due to needing more description.

The prompt from X user neb: “A mosaic representing different dystopian universes in each piece of the mosaic.”

3. Apocalyptic city

Kling AI Video

(Image credit: Kling AI/Video)

This next image features an apocalyptic city where it’s raining and you can see a neon pink sign. Again it wasn’t perfectly following the prompt and this type of motion can be achieved with current models, but still impressive.

The prompt from X user UXTO: “continuous shot moving forward zooming through time of a post apocalyptic city, it’s raining, a commercial neon light pink sign in background, dark light and some few fog”

5. Animal Boxing

The next few videos were shared by the Kling team on YouTube, made from a series of shots rather than a single clips. The first appears to show the build up towards an “animal boxing” tournament. This is part of Kling’s “real world Zootopia” strand. It was made by Kling user 雷Kiki (Lightning Kiki).

6. Dragon Boat Festival

The next short video was released to mark the start of the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. In the YouTube comment the company says: “Kling wishes everyone healthy and well-being!” The video was made by user 爱智岛 (Aichi Island) using Kling.

7. Real life Zootopia

Finally the wider Real Life Zootopia video. It features realistic animals performing human tasks and activities including a rabbit reading the newspaper. If you are in China then Kling is available inside the Kwaiying App.

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