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9 awesome Midjourney AI prompts you can try to make your own phone wallpapers

Finding the perfect image for a smartphone wallpaper can be both fun and daunting at the same time as often it isn’t “exactly” what you’re looking for — so why not use AI to make your own?

One of my favorite AI image generators is Midjourney, in part for how much control you get over the generated output, but also for the in-built upscaling.

For this guide I’ve come up with nine fun ideas covering a range of topics from food to the future and provided the full prompt I used to generate that image. 

Making wallpaper for phones with Midjourney

While I’ve provided specific prompts, it is easy enough to adjust it to fit your own requirements, just be as descriptive as you can and append –ar [ratio] on the end. If you don’t know how to use Midjourney we have a guide to getting started.

I’ve set mine for the most common smartphone screens 9:19, which will work on iPhone and should expand or shrink to fit Android devices not in that aspect ratio. 

If you want a specific ratio for your device open settings, system, about phone and scroll to screen resolution.

1. Food Glorious Food

(Image: © Midjourney/Future AI image)

It may be because I started thinking about this around lunchtime, but the first idea that came into my head was food. Specifically pizza and how it would make for a good wallpaper. 

The prompt: “A close-up shot of a mouthwatering, cheesy pizza with a perfect golden crust, topped with vibrant red tomato sauce, melted mozzarella, pepperoni, mushrooms, and green peppers, captured in high-resolution food photography with studio lighting, depth of field, and a rustic wooden background –ar 9:19”

2. Abstract Elegance

(Image: © Midjourney/Future AI image)

Apple is particularly good at providing weird abstract images for its default wallpaper, so why not see how well Midjourney does at creating them? Not bad, if a little dark. 

The prompt: “An elegant, fluid abstract composition featuring graceful swirls and curves in a harmonious color palette of deep blue, shimmering gold, and pure white, with smooth gradients and a sense of movement, created in high-resolution digital art with a glossy, polished finish –ar 9:19.”

3. Cosmic Wonder

(Image: © Midjourney/Future AI image)

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyagers of the AI ship Midjourney. Or, here’s a fun prompt to get Midjourney to create an image that might have come from Hubble or Webb. 

The prompt: “A breathtaking view of the Carina Nebula, showcasing vibrant hues of purple, pink, and blue, with glowing stars and cosmic dust clouds set against the deep blackness of space, captured in high-resolution astrophotography by the Hubble telescope, revealing intricate details and a sense of depth –ar 9:19.”

4. Neon Cityscape

(Image: © Midjourney/Future AI image)

Not sure I want to live in a city with that many lights, but a futuristic neon cityscape can make for a great vertical wallpaper for a phone. This prompt draws on reflections, rain and cyberpunk. 

The prompt: “A futuristic, neo-noir cityscape at night featuring towering skyscrapers with glowing neon signs in shades of blue, purple, and pink, sleek flying vehicles leaving light trails, and reflections on a rain-soaked street, created in high-resolution cyberpunk digital art with atmospheric lighting and a cinematic feel –ar 9:19.”

5. Energetic Abstraction

(Image: © Midjourney/Future AI image)

Here’s another abstract image but this time there’s a hint of color, specifically using bold brush strokes and splatters to create a unique image that will set your phone apart. 

The prompt: “A vibrant, energetic abstract composition with bold, expressive brushstrokes, splatters and drips in a lively color palette of burnt orange, magenta, and golden yellow, with a sense of movement and spontaneity, created in high-resolution acrylic painting with thick texture and a glossy finish –ar 9:19”

6. Serene Waterfall

(Image: © Midjourney/Future AI image)

Everyone needs a calm view sometimes, and what better than a stunning looking waterfall that is almost too good to ever be true. 

The prompt: “A tranquil waterfall cascading down mossy, ancient rocks into a crystal-clear pool, surrounded by lush, green foliage and delicate wildflowers, captured in a long exposure shot with silky smooth water and vibrant colors, high-resolution landscape photography with a sense of serenity and natural beauty –ar 9:19.”

7. Geometric Fusion

(Image: © Midjourney/Future AI image)

Sometimes you want something so in your face that you have to wake up. Here I mixed abstract shapes with a red and black that gives off a James Bond vibe. 

The prompt: “A dynamic, modern composition featuring bold geometric shapes and lines in a striking color scheme of deep black, crisp white, and vibrant red, with clean edges and a sense of balance, created in high-resolution minimalist vector art with a sleek, contemporary feel –ar 9:19.”

8. Vintage Nostalgia

(Image: © Midjourney/Future AI image)

This is one of my favorites. Looking something like a vintage postcard, with an old car driving through the hills, it captures a time long gone and keeps space in the top half for the time. 

The prompt: “A charming, retro-style illustration of a classic 1950s convertible car driving down a winding road through rolling hills and picturesque countryside, with a soft, nostalgic color palette of muted greens, browns, and blues, created in high-resolution vintage poster art with texture and a sense of adventure –ar 9:19.”

9. Majestic Wilderness

(Image: © Midjourney/Future AI image)

Another stunning environment view, this time an untouched wilderness provides a wallpaper that can help ease you into the day. Again, space is available at the top for the time. 

The prompt: “A stunning aerial view of a vast, untouched wilderness featuring snow-capped mountains, pristine turquoise lakes, dense evergreen forests, and rugged terrain, captured at golden hour with warm, glowing light and long shadows, high-resolution drone photography showcasing the grandeur and beauty of nature –ar 9:19.”

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