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9 Meta AI prompts to try first

Key Takeaways

  • Meta AI does well with text-based interactions, but in my experience, it can struggle with context and accuracy.
  • The AI can generate custom GIFs, summarize news, make plans, play games, and assist in research.
  • Here are 9 prompts we recommend to get the most out of this powerful chatbot.

In the AI era, there is no shortage of chatbots to choose from. However, there is a free artificial intelligence platform already downloaded on billions of devices: Meta AI. Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp have likely already seen Meta AI’s circular logo in various places, from the news feed to messages. Like any AI platform, getting the most out of Meta AI requires understanding its capabilities and limitations.

The key to using Meta AI effectively is feeding the system the right prompts. Meta AI is a text-based bot that can also generate images. Unlike the latest updates to ChatGPT and Google Gemini, Meta AI isn’t multimodal; it only understands text. There is no option to upload images or large PDF files, and while there is voice-to-text functionality, you cannot have a back-and-forth audible conversation with the bot.

Despite these limitations, the AI from Facebook’s parent company can handle many tasks, from fixing spelling errors in your latest post to generating custom GIFs. Here are nine Meta AI prompts to try, using the tools built into Meta’s apps or the Meta AI web platform.


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1 Use Meta AI to write your Facebook posts

Or, just spell-check them

One of the perks of using Meta AI is the ability to use the system directly within social media apps without switching programs. One of the key features is the option to let the AI write your posts for you. In the Facebook mobile app, once you start typing a new post, you will see the “write with AI” option. Tap on it, and tell Meta AI a bit about what you want to say. Alternatively, tap on the buttons for Meta AI to help make what you already wrote shorter, longer, or more professional sounding.

One thing I am looking forward to is Meta AI’s ability to check your grammar and spelling. I am sure my feed will still be filled with creative spelling, but perhaps the button will fix a few


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2 Get more context on what you see in your feed

But be aware. AI can get it wrong.

Often, Meta AI does not even need a prompt. The system will suggest prompts for you beneath some posts in your Facebook feed. This could potentially help users get more context on the content on their screens. Typically, after tapping on one of these prompts, Meta AI will pull up some information from the web with a link to the source.

Be aware, however, that the answers can be blatantly incorrect or fail to grasp the correct context. For example, when I typed a Meta AI suggestion beneath a post with a person’s name, it pulled up Google results for someone else with the same name.


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3 Create a GIF to send to friends on Messenger

Use Meta AI’s web platform if you want to download the animation

One of the biggest potential perks of having an AI built directly into social media apps is the ability to create custom images when existing GIFs do not convey your thoughts. You can ask Meta AI to create any image and then ask the system to animate it.

If you are using the chatbot inside Messenger, you can forward that image to another Messenger conversation or add it to your Story. You cannot download from the Messenger bot, but you can download generated content if you use the web-based


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4 Ask for the latest news

Meta AI will summarize the biggest headlines for you

Admittedly, Facebook is my least favorite way to read the news. However, Meta AI can summarize the latest headlines for you. While not perfect, it is much less opinionated than the friends in my feed. Try typing in “show me the latest headlines” or “what are today’s latest headlines.” The AI will provide the headline and a one-sentence summary, along with a link to the latest news on Google.

You can also ask Meta AI for more data or context on what you see in your feed to help weed out fake news. However, AI can be inaccurate, so proceed with caution.


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Meta AI can help you plan a trip, a meal plan, a content calendar, etc

I frequently suffer from decision fatigue, but chatbots can help here too. I asked Meta AI to help me plan a trip, create a one-week meal plan, and develop a one-month content calendar for social media. The more data you provide in your prompts, the higher the odds that the first response will meet your needs. For example, when I asked Meta AI for a meal plan, I included dietary restrictions in the prompt.

You can ask the chatbot to refine your answers and will likely need to in many scenarios. For example, in the meal plan, I asked the bot to recreate it without tofu. When I asked for suggested stops along my road trip route, Meta AI listed some of the most popular attractions in the area, but some were hours out of the way. However, it did an excellent job of creating a packing list for me.


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6 Play word games or trivia

Meta AI will play text-based games like trivia or Mad Libs

Besides resolving decision fatigue, AI can be an excellent boredom buster. Meta AI is capable of playing a range of word games, from trivia to hangman. If you do not know what to play, just type in “let’s play a game” and choose from the list of options the bot suggests. My favorite is playing Mad Libs, where you can even specify the topic of the final story.


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7 Summarize content

Meta AI can handle around 3,000 to 4,000 words

Meta AI can handle 300 to 400 words in one prompt and can respond to more information with 3,000 to 4,000 words in a series of responses. While other platforms like ChatGPT can handle larger amounts of data, Meta AI can manage enough to summarize a wide range of content for you. For example, you can say “Summarize this for me” and paste a link or copy and paste text.


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Turns out, Googling is easy enough for a bot to do

Ask Meta AI for information, and it will summarize search results and link to the sources, often from Google. While the possibility for error means you should verify any important details, asking Meta AI can be a good start to your research. It is as simple as typing a question on the website or the Messenger chatbot. My kids seem to ask questions as if I am a walking dictionary, so maybe AI will help perpetuate the myth that I know everything a little longer.


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9 Prepare for an interview or test

The conversational format means Meta AI can also ask you questions

Meta AI is designed to answer questions, but it can also ask questions back. This conversational nature means the bot can help you prepare for a test or a job interview. The more information you provide, the more tailored the questions will be. For example, if you want the bot to help you prepare for a job interview, include details like the industry, the job title, or even copy and paste the details from the job listing.

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