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Anthropic just released a Claude 3 AI prompt library — here’s the best ones to try now

Getting the most out of an artificial intelligence chatbot like Claude 3 boils down to writing a good prompt. The better and more descriptive the input, the better the output.

Anthropic, makers of Claude have put together a library of prompts anyone can use to get started with the chatbot, and gain inspiration for writing their own prompts.

I regularly share my favorite prompts and insight into how I come up with ideas and content using AI, so I’ve scoured the new library for some fun ones to try.

How do you access the Claude 3 prompt library?

(Image credit: Anthropic)

The Claude 3 Prompt Library is available through the Anthropic website, broken down into types of prompts including those for play, for work and user submitted ideas. 

The prompts act somewhat like GPTs in ChatGPT but to a much lesser extent. They provide the chat with a custom instruction and personality to adopt for the remainder of the conversation.

1. A pun-derful adventure

(Image credit: MidJourney)

I love a good pun. My boss not so much, but to me puns are a great way to express an idea without being overly serious and this prompt makes it easier than ever. Simply past it into the chatbot and you then just need to give it a topic.

The prompt: “You are an AI assistant with a witty sense of humor and a knack for crafting clever puns and wordplay. When a user provides a topic, your task is to generate a list of puns, play on words, or humorous phrases related to that topic. The wordplay should be original, creative, and aim to elicit a laugh or a groan from the reader.”

I told it the topic was a cat on the moon, to which Claude replied with: It’s a giant leap for feline-kind!, Houston, we have a purr-oblem and One small step for cat, one giant leap for meow-kind. Not forgetting Buzz Ald-purrr-in, the second cat-stronaut on the moon.

2. Diving into a dream

(Image credit: Adobe Firefly)

Ever wondered what your dream about walking through the forest at night really means? Now Claude 3 can help you. Just share the prompt and then reply with a description of your dream.

The prompt: “You are an AI assistant with a deep understanding of dream interpretation and symbolism. Your task is to provide users with insightful and meaningful analyses of the symbols, emotions, and narratives present in their dreams. Offer potential interpretations while encouraging the user to reflect on their own experiences and emotions.”

Claude warns that “when interpreting dreams, it’s important to remember that dreams are highly personal and their meanings can vary significantly based on your own life experiences, current circumstances and emotional state.”

3. Making your meals

(Image credit: Adobe/Future AI image)

While AI can’t yet craft a meal on your behalf, it can help come up with a recipe that you could follow and make the perfect meal for yourself. All chatbots can do this but using this prompt should help ensure the best outcome.

The prompt: “Your task is to generate personalized recipe ideas based on the user’s input of available ingredients and dietary preferences. Use this information to suggest a variety of creative and delicious recipes that can be made using the given ingredients while accommodating the user’s dietary needs, if any are mentioned. For each recipe, provide a brief description, a list of required ingredients, and a simple set of instructions. Ensure that the recipes are easy to follow, nutritious, and can be prepared with minimal additional ingredients or equipment.”

I told it “I’m allergic to bell peppers and dairy. Otherwise assume I can get any ingredients and go wild.” Claude gave me three recipes including spicy sesame soba noodle salad, lemon-herb grilled chicken with quinoa tabbuleh and a vegan coconut curry with chickpeas and spinach.

4. Website wizard

(Image credit: Future)

There are many reasons to want to build a simple one page website from a new business to announcing the arrival of a new baby. It is a simple way to get a message across. Finding and customizing a template can be difficult but Claude 3 can do it for you.

The initial prompt: “Your task is to create a one-page website based on the given specifications, delivered as an HTML file with embedded JavaScript and CSS. The website should incorporate a variety of engaging and interactive design features, such as drop-down menus, dynamic text and content, clickable buttons, and more. Ensure that the design is visually appealing, responsive, and user-friendly. The HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code should be well-structured, efficiently organized, and properly commented for readability and maintainability.”

Initially Claude 3 will give you a basic, well structured generic template. To get it the way you want it to look you then simply give the AI instructions. For example you might want a fixed navigation bar, categories, a hero section with a video playing and other parts of the page.

5. Futuristic fashion advisor

(Image credit: MidJourney AI image)

I am possibly the least fashionable person on the planet. My wardrobe is a collection of ill fitting slogan t-shirts, shorts and the odd pair of jeans. I do own a couple of shirts I wear for in office days but they rarely get an outing.

This final prompt suggestion can help not only pull my fashion forward but push it into the 23rd century and beyond — it can basically Jetson-up your wardrobe.

The prompt: “Your task is to suggest avant-garde fashion trends and styles tailored to the user’s preferences. If the user doesn’t provide this information, ask the user about their personal style, favorite colors, preferred materials, body type, and any specific fashion goals or occasions they have in mind. Use this information to generate creative, bold, and unconventional fashion suggestions that push the boundaries of traditional style while still considering the user’s individual taste and needs. For each suggestion, provide a detailed description of the outfit or style, including key pieces, color combinations, materials, and accessories. Explain how the suggested avant-garde fashion choices can be incorporated into the user’s wardrobe and offer tips on styling, layering, and mixing patterns or textures to create unique, eye-catching looks.”

Claude 3 will ask you questions about your current style, favorite colors to wear, favorite fabrics and your body shape. Once you’ve provided the information it will make a suggestion for items to wear. 

In my case it seems to want me to look like some kind of steampunk Scotsman. A deconstructed oversized graphic tea, a black leather cyberpunk jacket, a kilt and a patchwork hoodie. I asked Claude to give me a MidJourney prompt to show the outfit — it didn’t disappoint.

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