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Caching PRIME for PROMPT? Understanding the Wayfinder AI Opp

Parallel is a trading card game (TCG) where players control unique factions in sci-fi battles. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s one of the few S-tier titles in the crypto gaming scene today.

Yet the builders are cooking up much more than just the main TCG, like Parallel Colony, an AI-driven survival sim game, and Wayfinder, an AI agents protocol designed to support Colony’s gameplay. 

PROMPT is the utility and governance token for the new Wayfinder ecosystem, and nearly half of its supply is slated to be distributed to people who stake, a.k.a cache, Parallel’s native PRIME token within Wayfinder.

So what does caching entail, and what are the main considerations around PROMPT? Let’s break down the basics below.

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What is Wayfinder?

Wayfinder is an AI-focused, “omni-chain” tool designed for user-owned, autonomous AI agents to navigate blockchains and autonomously transact assets via dedicated wallets.

Wayfinder’s architecture includes community-developed wayfinding paths and an ecosystem graph to help AI agents, known as “Wayfinder Shells,” navigate and transact within blockchain environments.

Users must spend PROMPT to create a new shell, which can then be fed with relevant information, like text files and other data, to train it for specific tasks. Then you can expand or reset a shell’s memory to optimize its performance and tailor its behavior.

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Notably, shells learn from their own experiences and the collective knowledge of the Wayfinder ecosystem, improving over time. They are guided by crowdsourced, predefined navigation routes—Wayfinder Paths—so they can interact with blockchain apps and smart contracts in a streamlined fashion.

This dynamic allows users to instruct shells to perform tasks like asset transfers, NFT minting, and token swaps, all autonomously and across multiple supported chains like Ethereum, Solana, Base, and beyond. 

The big idea, then, is that Wayfinder will serve as an open protocol for AI agents that can serve a variety of use cases across the cryptoeconomy. For instance, shells have huge potential for crypto games regarding things like resource mining, trading, and managing in-game assets, with this being the initial inspiration for Wayfinder itself—Parallel Colony needed such a system. 

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What is PROMPT?

PROMPT is the native token of the Wayfinder ecosystem. 

Firstly, users can spend PROMPT to create shells and expand their memories, while developers can stake or earn the token for proposing new wayfinding paths or creating private ones. PROMPT is also used for community governance over Wayfinder and for paying gas fees within the network, ensuring shells can perform tasks like minting NFTs.

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The maximum authorized supply of PROMPT is 1 billion tokens, and 45% of the total supply is slated to be distributed over time to users who cache their PRIME tokens within Wayfinder.

Caching opened on June 5th, 2024, and +10.5M PRIME, or around 25% of the PRIME circulating supply, has already been cached since then. 

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To cache or not to cache?

Caching in the Wayfinder ecosystem involves locking your PRIME tokens into a smart contract for a set period, boosting your Contribution Score, which impacts your governance power and rewards. The rewards are calculated daily based on the amount of PRIME cached and the caching duration, with longer durations and extensions increasing the time multiplier. 

This system allows users to either maximize rewards by locking tokens for extended periods from the start or maintain flexibility by using rolling extensions to continually increase their multiplier.

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Whether to cache PRIME, and how much you cache and for how long, depends on your views about Parallel and Wayfinder.

If you feel confident these enterprises have bright futures, then you could cache your PRIME for the maximum lock-up period of 3 years to get the highest x85 rewards multiplier possible. If you’re interested but not passionate and want to keep your options open in case of bad price action, opting for shorter lock-up periods will still net you some PROMPT while not tying your funds down for years. 

How to cache PRIME

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If you’re interested in caching PRIME for PROMPT, you need some PRIME on Ethereum or Base, as caching is supported on either network. With some PRIME in hand, you would then follow these steps:

  1. 📡 Go to
  2. 📝 Log in by signing the verification message with your wallet
  3. ▶️ Press the “Cache PRIME” button, then press “Cache PRIME” again
  4. ⚠️ Review the caution pop-up about selecting a lock-up period, then press “I Understand”
  5. 🔢 Input your desired PRIME amount to cache in the provided interface and press “Next Step”
  6. ⌛ Select your desired lock-up period, starting from 21 days up to 3 years, then press the “Preview PRIME Cache” button
  7. ✅ Make a final review of your settings, then press “Cache PRIME” and complete the caching transaction with your wallet to finish up 
  8. 🧮 Once you’re locked in, you can track your scores and badges or deposit more caches as you please from Wayfinder’s “Overview” page 

Zooming out

It’s unclear when PROMPT will go live and become claimable and tradable. Yet it is clear that an AI agent system like Wayfinder has significant potential across the cryptoeconomy and that PROMPT is its keystone. By caching PRIME to earn PROMPT, you can support the network and gain a voice in its development, so participating now could position you advantageously as its ecosystem matures.

If you do cache be sure to stake responsibly, and never with funds you can’t afford not to have immediate access to. Also, keep an eye on Wayfinder’s socials so you can stay current with any caching or PROMPT updates!

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