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ChatGPT prompts make edits easy

The road to GPT-5 will be paved with other AI announcements, as OpenAI CEO Sam Altman said recently. Indeed, OpenAI a few days ago announced its brand-new AI voice cloning tool that’s currently in testing. The company then made ChatGPT available to anyone without needing to log into an account.

This week, OpenAI added a new upgrade to ChatGPT, giving users the ability to edit Dall-E AI-generated images using simple text prompts in ChatGPT. It also added a few other tools to help with Dall-E image creation and editing. The only downside is that you will need to pay for ChatGPT Plus if you want to edit Dall-E images using prompts.

Just point and prompt

OpenAI posted a short video on Twitter to demo the new image editing capabilities inside ChatGPT Plus. As you can see in the clip below, you can create an image in Dall-E and then issue text prompts to request edits. It all happens directly in ChatGPT.

You’ll also be able to select the areas of the screen where you want the edits to be performed.

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In the OpenAI example below, you’d use the selection tool to place circles around the ears of the dog and tell the chatbot to add bows in those locations.

ChatGPT now lets you edit Dall-E images via text prompts Image source: OpenAI

The process might take a while to complete, but ChatGPT will deliver the requested edits. A simple prompt is all it takes to do it.

Additionally, OpenAI announced a new feature that should make it easier to start using Dall-E. If you’re uninspired and don’t know exactly what to ask from the text-to-image generative AI model, you can choose from one of the suggestions that Dall-E will present atop the prompt bar.

You can also select the image’s aspect ratio, which is a useful upgrade for Dall-E. It lets you choose between landscape, portrait, and square pictures.

Well, you can instruct the chatbot to give you an image in a specific aspect ratio. However, the functionality might not be clear to new users.

That’s what the new button does. Pressing it places descriptive text in the prompt field that mentions the desired aspect ratio for the image you’ll want. You then have to enter the actual description of that image. Choose a style with the helpful buttons, and it’ll also appear as an instruction in the prompt you’re typing.

Don’t forget to pay for ChatGPT Plus

The only problem with the new Dall-E-ChatGPT integration is that you can’t perform these edits unless you subscribe to Plus for $20 a month. Access to a business ChatGPT subscription would also let you edit Dall-E images in ChatGPT.

Then again, all this image generation and processing will consume resources, and OpenAI can’t offer it free of charge. Just look at the demo clip again, and you’ll see that the edits aren’t performed instantly.

Finally, the new ChatGPT feature is available on desktop and mobile. You can edit Dall-E images on iPhone and Android if you have access to a premium subscription.

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