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ChatGPT’s Android app could finally get this missing feature


  • ChatGPT app users will soon be able to edit prompts in the app, closing the gap between the web and app experience.
  • The edit button feature is helpful for users with typos, providing convenience without starting a new prompt.
  • Google’s Gemini AI is also adding features to keep pace, driving rapid advancements in mobile AI technology of late.

ChatGPT and AI have been the hottest buzzwords in the tech world since 2022. Supported by OpenAI, ChatGPT was initially launched as a web-based chatbot, but now you can find its traces on numerous other platforms, including Android. However, the app version, which is more convenient to use and offers more features, lacks one crucial feature of its web counterpart — the ability to edit existing prompts. But here’s the exciting news for ChatGPT app users: you’ll soon be able to edit prompts in the app, too.


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Reporting for Android Authority, the well-known code hunter AssembleDebug discovered that the ChatGPT app could soon allow users to edit their prompts in the app. The in-works feature was seen in version 1.2024.115 of the ChatGPT beta app for Android.

An edit button will soon land on the ChatGPT Android app

As you can see in the screenshots below, ChatGPT now offers an “Edit Message” option alongside the existing Copy and Select Text. While an edit option might seem too small to notice, it wasn’t available on the ChatGPT Android app until now, while the web version had it for quite a long time. As for Apple users, the edit button is also making its way to the ChatGPT iOS app.

Source: Android Authority / AssembleDebug

The edit button works great for users with too many typos in their writing, as they don’t need to start writing a new prompt. It also helps narrow the gap between the ChatGPT Android app experience and the web version.

ChatGPT has developed quite a few great features in the past few months. Most importantly, it now doesn’t require an account to use the service. Meanwhile, ChatGPT might deny unregistered users access to some key features, including access to GPT-4 Turbo or DALL-E 3.

Along the way, ChatGPT’s biggest rival, Gemini AI, is not sitting idle. In a race to keep pace with the competition, Google’s products have also added several features in the past few weeks to address its shortcomings. For example, the service is working on live prompts to produce real-time responses, and it should soon be able to summarize PDF files and other documents for you. This fierce competition is driving the rapid advancement in AI technology, keeping us all on the edge of our seats.

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