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Dislike Copilot’s responses? Make better prompts, says Microsoft

Employees dislike people comparing their AI to ChatGPT.

Key Takeaways

  • Microsoft Copilot requires users to provide precise prompts for optimal responses.
  • Microsoft employees believe users are not utilizing Copilot correctly, leading to less satisfactory answers.
  • Microsoft is training users on how to properly interact with Copilot, emphasizing collaboration rather than autonomy.

When people select their AI chatbot of choice, it’s only natural that they compare how each one responds to their prompts and opt for the one that answers them best. However, all this comparison is making employees at Microsoft a little irate. In a recent interview, an employee tasked with helping people get to grips with Copilot believes that the reason people like ChatGPT over Copilot is not because the former is more powerful, but because people aren’t good at writing prompts for the latter.


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Microsoft claims that people aren’t good at writing Copilot prompts

In an interview with Business Insider, a Microsoft employee discusses their experience with training people to use Copilot. As it turns out, one of the biggest issues people have with Copilot is that it doesn’t work like ChatGPT:

“Every time a customer starts using it, they start comparing it to ChatGPT and saying, ‘Aren’t you guys using the same technology?'” one of the people said.

However, the Microsoft employees disagreed with any notion that Copoilot lags behind ChatGPT. Instead, they stated that the reason Copilot doesn’t give you similar answers to ChatGPT is because you’re using its AI chatbot incorrectly:

“It’s a copilot, not an autopilot, you have to work with it. […] If you don’t ask the right question, it will still do its best to give you the right answer, and it can assume things.”

As such, Microsoft has been hard at work training people in the ways of using Copilot and how to get the most out of their prompts. Even so, with ChatGPT being the most-used AI chatbot out there, it’s going to be tough for Microsoft to shake off the comparisons as it trains people to treat it the way it’s intended.

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