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ElevenLabs’s new AI tool generates sound effects using prompts

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ElevenLabs has expanded its portfolio with the latest tool

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ElevenLabs, renowned for its AI-generated voices and music, has broadened its portfolio with a new ‘Sound Effects’ tool.

This innovative text-to-sound tool can create up to 22 seconds of sound effects based on user prompts.

The sounds can be seamlessly integrated with ElevenLabs’s existing voice and music platform, giving users at least four downloadable audio clip options.

Collaboration with Shutterstock to train AI

ElevenLabs has partnered with stock media platform Shutterstock to create a comprehensive audio library. Shutterstock has previously licensed its content libraries to several firms. This collaboration allowed ElevenLabs to train its AI model on a diverse range of audio clips for ‘Sound Effects.’

‘Sound Effects’ tool: Usage and licensing

The ‘Sound Effects’ tool is free to use, with paid tiers offering commercial licenses for the generated audio clips.

Free users must attribute ElevenLabs by including ‘’ in the title.

There’s a character count limit for writing prompts, with free users allocated 10,000 characters per month.

If users set the audio clip duration themselves, it will consume 40 characters per second from their allotment.

When using the default audio duration, prompt requests will be charged 200 characters.

ElevenLabs’s vision for sound effects tool

Several libraries of sound effect clips are already available in the market for creators, filmmakers, and video game developers.

However, these can be costly or challenging when it comes to finding the perfect sound.

In a company blog post, ElevenLabs stated that the ‘Sound Effects’ tool was designed “to generate rich and immersive soundscapes quickly, affordably and at scale.”

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