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Gemini direction prompts automate navigation with Google Maps

A major update for Google’s AI assistant Gemini is now available, and it enables hands-free navigation by taking you to Google Maps upon request. This development aims to streamline user experience thus removing the need for clicking directions from a link. With the feature’s help, people can simply prompt Gemini for direction and it will take you to Maps with navigation ready.

Gemini integrates seamlessly with Google Maps in this new update

Gemini, a cornerstone of Google’s AI strategy, symbolizes the company’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence (AI). Despite being an example of investment in next-gen multimodal AI by Google, it has its own set of limitations that show how things still need to work and progress.

According to 9to5Google, the latest iteration of Gemini simplifies navigation by going from voice commands, directly to Google Maps. For this reason, when requesting directions, users get a card displaying route details which makes them have to click again before opening Google Maps.

With this recent update on March 25th, such inconvenience is avoided through auto submission of voice commands. Now, instead of manually hitting the send button users can directly go and check their map request after a few seconds.

However, Gemini still lags behind Google Assistant in terms of functionality, not standing these enhancements. Users have two choices: either they can use Gemini or they can use Google Assistant because using one disables the other. Therefore, understanding what Gemini excels at becomes crucial for optimizing user experience.

Google remains committed to replace its traditional Assistant with Gemini

While Gemini’s journey towards replacing Google Assistant continues, it’s important to acknowledge that its capabilities extend beyond simple AI chatbots. Importantly, however, Google Maps integration with Gemini appears gradual, rolling out beta testers, indicating its shift toward enhancing digital interactions.

Google remains committed to refining Gemini as part of its efforts to improve hands-free experiences while advancing AI capability. As updates continue improving functionalities on Gemini users will expect better navigation efficiency and overall assistant performance.

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