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Google Launches Veo, It’s AI Video Generator That is Here to Take on OpenAI Sora

Today’s Google I/O was a handful as the company talked about many AI features that will be coming out in the coming days, weeks, and months. Sundar Pichai even joked about how the word “AI” was used 120 times during the event. However, there is no denying that the Mountain View giant did reveal some really interesting technologies, and one such technology that debuted today was Veo. It is Google’s answer to OpenAI’s Sora, wherein this is the latest AI-powered video generator, and it seems pretty impressive.

Google’s Veo is one of the most impressive AI-powered tools I have seen in a long time

Google claims that Veo will allow users to create high-quality 1080p clips that go beyond 60 seconds. Another great thing is that you can leverage this new AI tool with text, image, and video prompts, making it even more powerful and fun to use for those who want to experiment with it.

✍️ Prompt: “Many spotted jellyfish pulsating under water. Their bodies are transparent and glowing in deep ocean.”

— Google DeepMind (@GoogleDeepMind) May 14, 2024

Veo can also use a wide range of cinematic styles and understands natural language. This allows the model to understand various terms that we use in cinematography, such as “timelapse” and “aerial shots of a landscape.” The point here is that Google has created something that is definitely an amazing tool, and people are going to have a lot of fun with it.

Google has stated that videos generated with Veo will come out more consistent and coherent, and they will have details that are much more realistic than some of the other tools. It will also allow you to extend a generated video by just clicking a button, which makes it more viable in situations where you are not okay with the length of the video that has been generated. Furthermore, users will also be able to refine the results by adding more prompts.

The company also mentioned how it is exploring features that will allow Veo to generate storyboards and longer videos, making it one of the best video generators out there. If you look forward to testing it out, the generator will be available to select creators later this year. Google has also opened a waitlist that you can check out. Do keep in mind that the sign-ups are limited to regions, so you might not be able to get started. Additionally, Google talked about how it is currently looking to add some features from Veo to YouTube Shorts, but we cannot really comment on how that will turn out.

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