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This is the final article in a series on prompt engineering for ChatGPT. Over the course of the series we’ve presented a range of tools designed to improve how you use this incredibly powerful tool.

The series was written after I took an online course on prompt engineering. I’m stepping away from it now. While it offers a range of tools from video creation to time management assistance, I’ve got what I needed: A much better understanding of how to write prompts within ChatGPT. Here’s part one in the series, part two, part three and part four.

However, there’s one element that we haven’t touched on at all. And that’s GPTs.

What Are GPTs?

In addition to the generative, text-based AI ChatGPT, users of ChatGPT 4 can leverage specialized versions of the system to undertake specific tasks. These specialized GPTs are designed to perform beyond text generation, and can do things including audio synthesis, image manipulation, and more. The vast majority have been created by independent developers or companies. Some are free, others are paid.

Here’s an overview of just some of these specialized areas:

Text-to-Speech (TTS)

One of the specialized features is text-to-speech (TTS) conversion. GPTs in this niche use a version of the GPT model trained specifically to convert written text into spoken words. Many can generate natural-sounding speech in various accents and tones, making it useful for creating audio content for videos, podcasts, or accessibility features. While voice actors will probably do a better job, this is perhaps great for mockups or trials, or internal training materials.

Image Manipulation

Another advanced GPT feature is image manipulation. These tools can edit, modify, or generate images based on textual descriptions. They use a model trained to understand and interpret visual information in conjunction with textual descriptions, allowing it to perform tasks such as editing the style of an image, changing specific elements within an image, or creating entirely new images from scratch.

ChatGPT 4 users automatically get access to DALL-E, which can generate creative and contextually relevant images based on textual prompts. This is particularly useful for content creators, marketers, and designers who need unique visual content that is tightly aligned with their textual themes.

Understanding and Generating Code

For developers and programmers, there are GPT models trained to understand and generate code. These models can assist with writing software, debugging, or even learning new programming languages. They can generate code snippets, explain complex code, and suggest improvements or alternatives.

Integration in Chat Platforms

These specialized GPTs are often integrated directly into ChatGPT, allowing users to interact with the model through a familiar text-based interface. This integration makes it easy to use the capabilities of the model without needing advanced programming knowledge.

Advantages of Specialized GPTs

Accessibility: They make advanced functionalities accessible to non-specialists.

Efficiency: These tools can significantly speed up tasks like content creation, problem-solving, prototyping ideas and image generation.

Customization: They can be adapted to meet specific needs or preferences, enhancing their utility across different tasks and industries.

Challenges and Considerations

Accuracy and Reliability: While powerful, these tools are still being developed and are prone to errors. Everything that an AI program outputs must be carefully checked.

Ethical and Creative Considerations: Many people believe that AI images or creations should be labeled as such to avoid confusing people, or potentially distorting information. In addition, great care must be taken to avoid plagiarism, or the spreading of false information.

work together with DALL·E to create your perfect image. you can talk to it until you get it just right!

Apr 03, 2024

Getting Started

Here are some of the most interesting GPTs we found. ChatGPT 4 users can head to the GPT store to fully explore what’s on offer.

DALL·E – A text to image tool.

Canva – A tool designed to create a wide range of content, from presentations to posters, social media content and more.

Writing tools – As a professional writer, I find almost all AI-written text to need serious work, so I’m not going to recommend a GPT, but they are out there, and many of them offer niche services, such as writing for SEO, CV writing or more.

Diagrams: Show Me – This is a great tool that can quickly create useable, good looking diagrams for a range of uses.

Code Copilot: This GPT helps you to code faster and with fewer errors and can check your work.

Tutor Me by Khan Academy – This is a brilliant tool to gain insight on new subjects.

However, you’ll most likely be interested in trading GPTs. They do exist and they seem very popular. We’ll just caution you here. AI is fallible. Coding is fallible. Perhaps spend a lot of time doing your research before jumping in to AI trading with GPTs and never, never take anything they say as the truth.

Incredible Potential

Specialized GPTs expand the utility of the original GPT models by providing tailored functionalities that address specific needs, from trading to creating social media or marketing copy, they’re incredible tools. Whether it’s generating synthetic speech, manipulating images, or writing code, these tools offer innovative solutions that enhance productivity and creativity. As AI technology continues to evolve, the scope and sophistication of these specialized models are likely to grow, further transforming how we work and create.

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