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How to generate 3D photos of Holi using Bing AI image creator | Technology News

Holi, the festival of colours, is one of the most prominent festivals celebrated across India. Gone are the days of letters and cards, thanks to social media one can wish their loved ones instantly.
While most apps offer stickers dedicated to Holi, have you ever wondered about creating your own stickers, posters, or images? This year, add a dash of colour and fun to your festive wishes with 3D Holi-themed images that can be generated for free using Microsoft’s Bing AI Image Creator.

Microsoft via Copilot allows users to generate images powered by DALL.E 3, one of the most advanced text-to-image generative models. To access the same via ChatGPT, one needs a subscription, while the same is available free of cost via Bing AI image creator.

By using simple prompts, one can generate Holi-related images on Bing AI image creator, which can be accessed on smartphones, both Android and iOS, desktops, and also on PCs running on the latest build of Windows 11. All you need to do is enter simple text prompts as follows. To get better results, we recommend choosing the “creative” conversation style on Copilot, which can be accessed via

Here are some of the prompts that can be used to generate 3D Holi images on Bing AI Image Creator:

“A vibrant 3D scene of a Holi celebration with people throwing coloured powder in the air, creating a colourful explosion”

Festive offer

“A detailed 3D illustration of a Holi festival with people dancing and singing in colourful traditional clothing.”

“A joyful 3D image of a group of friends celebrating Holi, with water guns spraying coloured water and laughter filling the air.”

“A photorealistic 3D image of a Holi celebration at night, illuminated by bonfires and sparklers with colourful powder glowing in the darkness.”

“A close-up 3D image of hands throwing coloured powder during Holi, with vibrant colours blending together.”

You can also further customise these prompts as per the requirement by mentioning more details like the specific time of the day, backdrop, and specific colours you want to highlight on the images.

Once generated, if you are not happy with the output, you can also use prompts like “make them more colourful and vibrant,” “make them detailed,” “make them look photo-realistic,” and more. It can also generate images in both landscape and portrait modes.

Here are some of the 3D images of Holi that we generated using Bing AI Image Creator:

Holi images Generated using Bing Image Creator (Express Photo)
Holi images Generated using Bing Image Creator (Express Photo)
Holi images Generated using Bing Image Creator (Express Photo)

If you feel the generated images are good enough, you can download them and share them via any of the popular social media or instant messaging platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp. And one can also easily convert these images into stickers on platforms like WhatsApp and iMessage.

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