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How to use Meta AI image generator on WhatsApp; here’s the process |

Meta is rolling out a beta feature for WhatsApp users in the US that enables real-time AI image generation. When users type a text-to-image prompt in a chat with Meta AI, they can witness the image evolving with added details.
For instance, typing “Imagine a soccer game on Mars” prompts the image to swiftly transform from a soccer player to a soccer field on the Martian landscape.Users can experience this feature firsthand by initiating a chat with Meta AI and starting a prompt with the word “Imagine.”
This functionality enables users to generate images dynamically by providing descriptive prompts, fostering a creative and interactive experience. Meta aims to enhance user engagement and broaden the possibilities of visual communication within WhatsApp chats through real-time adjustments based on text input.

Use Meta AI image generator on WhatsApp: Know the steps

Harnessing the Creative Potential of Meta AI:

Meta AI introduces an exciting new feature to WhatsApp, allowing you to bring your ideas to life visually. While still in development, Meta AI offers a playful and user-friendly way to generate images based on your descriptions.

Getting Started with Meta AI:

  • Finding Meta AI: Spot the Meta AI logo at the bottom right corner of your chat screen. Tap it to open the AI interface.
  • Accepting Terms: You may need to agree to Meta’s terms and conditions to access Meta AI’s features.

Crafting Your Image Prompt:

Meta AI creates images based on your descriptions. Here’s how to provide prompts:

  • In Personal Chats: Simply type “/imagine” followed by your desired image description in the chat box. For example, “/imagine a majestic lion overlooking a vast savanna.”
  • In Group Chats: Mention “@Meta AI” in your message and then type your image prompt. This way, everyone in the group can view both your prompt and the generated image.

Generating and Refining Your Images:

  • Sending Your Prompt: After crafting your prompt using “/imagine” or “@Meta AI” followed by your description, hit send. Meta AI will process your request and create an image based on your input.
  • Daily Limit: Note that Meta AI has a daily limit of 25 image generations. Use them wisely!
  • Clarity is Key: Be specific and clear with your descriptions to achieve better results. Meta AI performs effectively when provided with specific details such as colors, objects, and actions.
  • Refining Your Image (Optional): If the generated image isn’t what you envisioned, tap and hold the image, then select “Reply” to provide a new or modified description for a closer match.

Exploring the Potential of Meta AI Images:

Meta AI’s image generation opens up a world of possibilities. Use it to:

  • Stimulate conversations in groups with intriguing visuals.
  • Visually brainstorm ideas and concepts.
  • Add a creative flair to your messages.

Keep in mind that Meta AI is still evolving, so the image generation process may not always be flawless. However, with some experimentation and clear descriptions, you can create unique and engaging images to share on WhatsApp.
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