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Indians Shine at Global Prompt Engineering Championship

Two innovators from India have won in two categories at the inaugural Global Prompt Engineering Championship in Dubai, collectively taking home two-thirds of the million-dirham prize pool, and spotlighting India’s growing talent pool and global influence in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The competition, which attracted the brightest minds from around the world, saw Aditya Nair win in the ‘Literature’ category and Ajay Cyril win in the ‘Coding’ category, earning them international praise.

Nair produced a compelling short story in record time using AI, winning the literature category at the Global Prompt Engineering Championship.

“Putting a 10-minute timer on each round definitely was the most challenging aspect of the competition. In addition, we had to get an output that was of a very high quality, which has made me a faster prompter as a result of the championship,” Nair, who currently works in AI innovation, said.

“I was very happy to participate in the competition. This experience opened my eyes to the real potential of this innovative technology. I urge everyone to work on upskilling themselves through continuous learning and experimentation to stay ahead in the future,” he added.

Nair also pointed out that AI poverty is a significant issue for the future, where only those who can afford the subscription cost will be able to upskill themselves. He shared that it’s important to find ways to upskill everyone to ensure a level playing field in AI.

Cyril, a product leader at Etisalat (e& enterprise, a telecommunication company), won the coding category at the Global Prompt Engineering Championship. Although primarily a product and business strategist rather than a developer, Cyril’s passion for new technologies and proactive engagement with AI contributed to his success.

Cyril has led the development of innovative products in IoT, Smart Homes, Cloud Platforms, and AI at major global companies, such as Tata Communications, Airtel, and Etisalat.

Since relocating to Dubai in 2019, he has been committed to driving forward the frontiers of technological innovation in the region.

Reflecting on his journey, Cyril said, “Participating in this championship was both an honour and a privilege, and winning in the coding category highlights how AI empowers us to transcend traditional limitations and achieve remarkable outcomes.” Contestants from four continents are competing for the title of ‘Best Prompt Engineer’, along with a prize fund worth a total of AED 1 million (more than USD 2,70,000).

As many as 30 finalists, representing 13 countries including Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Morocco, India, Singapore, the Dominican Republic, Austria, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the UAE, emerged from thousands of entrants from nearly 100 countries worldwide to compete in the championship that aims to cultivate a global community that exchanges expertise, knowledge, and innovations in the prompt engineering space.

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