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Microsoft Copilot AI To Soon Get New Features Including ‘Auto-Complete’ & ‘Rewrite’

Microsoft has revealed plans to introduce new features aimed at enhancing Copilot’s capabilities for writers by providing improved prompts and enhanced AI assistance. These features are part of Microsoft’s efforts to refine Copilot’s performance. Among the upcoming features are auto-complete, rewrite, and catch-up functionalities. Additionally, Microsoft is developing a Copilot Lab to generate customised prompts tailored to specific work requirements.

Microsoft is extending the functionality of Copilot to Microsoft 365 subscribers, allowing them to create, publish, and manage prompts within Copilot Lab, catering to the unique needs of individual teams within businesses.

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What Are The New Features

One of the notable additions to Microsoft AI is the ‘auto-complete’ feature. This feature suggests completions for prompts as users type, offering options such as ‘last ten emails’ when a user inputs ‘summarise,’ among other suggestions.

Users can select one of these options and swiftly arrive at the desired outcome. Another innovative addition is the ‘rewrite’ function. This tool takes a basic prompt and refines it, adding depth and specificity to Copilot’s responses. Essentially, it refines a user’s initial description by adding pertinent details, specific instructions, and additional context to aid the AI in comprehending the request accurately.

In addition, Microsoft’s AI advancements include the ‘catch-up’ functionality. This feature offers personalised insights and recommendations based on recent user activities. For example, if a user has an upcoming meeting, the system might suggest reviewing relevant notes. These capabilities will be accessible exclusively to Microsoft 365 subscribers in the near future.

Microsoft has recently conducted extensive analyses and surveys across numerous businesses to gauge AI usage. Their findings reveal that 78 per cent of AI users are adopting their own AI tools for work purposes, rather than waiting for organisations to deploy such tools.

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