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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – Fluence, Tweety, Pepe Sora AI

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The impending bull run has caused an increase in portfolio additions, including new tokens and initial coin offerings (ICOs). With Investors actively seeking various market entry points, new launches, listings, and presales are becoming more prevalent. Many newly listed tokens are witnessing upward trends, while presales featuring promising use cases garner increased adoption.

Insidebitcoins has curated a selection of such promising coins. Through comprehensive analysis, we explore their tokenomics, use cases, partnerships, and other key features contributing to their appeal as investment prospects.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

Fluence launched its mainnet yesterday, marking a significant advancement in its mission to revolutionize decentralized computing. Meanwhile, Tweety has embarked on a deflationary strategy, burning a substantial portion of its total supply, including 40% of TWEETY ETH and 51% of TWEETY BNB, consequently boosting the value of each token. During the last intraday session, PEPESORA saw a 350% surge in value post-listing on CMC, indicating growing excitement among investors.

In the ongoing Presale Stage 2, 5thScape has garnered an impressive $2,067,472, underscoring strong investor interest in the project. With a listing price of $0.01 per 5SCAPE Coin, there’s a potential upside of 365.12%. However, Bitcoin experienced an 8% decline over the week, with volatility soaring near a one-year high.

1. Fluence (FLT)

Fluence’s mainnet launched yesterday, taking another step in its bid to transform decentralized computing. The project’s Cloudless Platform is operational, leveraging a decentralized serverless compute network to provide a resilient and auditable solution. Fluence disrupts traditional cloud computing by offering a global, permissionless, secure alternative to centralized platforms. By eliminating reliance on centralized servers, Fluence enhances resilience and eliminates single points of failure.

Through Fluence, developers gain access to a diverse network of computing providers, ranging from professional data centers to individual home computers. These providers compete based on price and performance, ensuring optimal service delivery for applications deployed on the platform. Moreover, Fluence’s ecosystem offers a cryptographic token, which providers utilize as collateral for participation and as a monetary incentive. 

FLT Price Chart

As such, providers earn rewards through Fluence tokens and stablecoin payments for serving applications. Furthermore, The platform offers many use cases, from traditional cloud applications like web hosting and IoT to cutting-edge decentralized protocols and community-run applications. Likewise, Fluence facilitates the development of genuinely peer-to-peer applications, messaging protocols, decentralized governance systems, and more.

$FLT fundamentals 101, tokenomics and utility 📣

The distribution of $FLT is a crucial step towards empowering the community to govern the Fluence network in a decentralized way.

Here’s how $FLT powers the Fluence DePIN platform and its ecosystem 👇

— Fluence DAO (@fluence_project) March 23, 2024

Plus, Fluence enables computations on decentralized data stored using protocols like IPFS, which improves updates and computations for decentralized applications. For cloud-native computing, Fluence provides a seamless solution for managing microservice backends without the need for central coordination servers. Its programming model allows for easy upgrades and implementation of new business logic without redeployment.

In blockchain infrastructure, Fluence offers a cost-effective solution for optimizing gas costs. It also improves scalability for applications such as cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and DAO management tools. With Fluence’s content-addressable code capabilities, services and functions remain permanently accessible over the network. 

2. Tweety (TWEETY)

Tweety is a decentralized meme-ecosystem project offering a community-driven model and innovative marketing strategies. Tweety aims to empower its holders and supporters with a commitment to transparency and responsiveness. To this end, it offers a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), ensuring they actively participate in decision-making.

Meanwhile, Tweety is steadily rising and boasts a strong and active community of over 1100 holders. This community-driven approach favors Tweety for listing on top-tier exchanges, including platforms like Binance, thanks to its tax-free structure. Besides offering a transparent tokenomics model and zero buy/sell taxes, Tweety actively prioritizes the interests of its community. 

TWEETY Price ChartTWEETY Price Chart

In line with this, it focuses on security, including team KYC and renounced contracts. Moreover, Tweety’s history is rooted in creativity and blends popular characters like Pepe the Frog and Godzilla to create a unique meme bird coin. But what truly distinguishes Tweety is its recent announcement of implementing a 0% tax mechanism. 

Airdrop of Free 14,000,000 Tokens Distributed to all of our NFT holders $TWEETY #NFT #tweety

— 🐥 Tweety 🐥 on ETH & BNB (@TweetyCoinETH) March 22, 2024

This groundbreaking decision actively eliminates transaction taxes and ensures that every transaction benefits Tweety’s loyal holders. Additionally, Tweety has already actively burned a significant portion of its total supply, 40% of which is TWEETY ETH. Similarly, it has burned 51% in TWEETY BNB in a deflationary move, driving up each token’s value.

Overall, Tweety’s proactive approach to meme tokens and commitment to community empowerment and security make it a project worth watching in crypto. Tweety is actively paving the way for a bright future in the meme ecosystem by eliminating taxes, reducing supply, and prioritizing transparency.

3. 5th Scape (5SCAPE)

Recent insights into the virtual reality (VR) gaming market reveal a robust upward trajectory, offering considerable opportunities for investors eyeing this burgeoning sector. Projections indicate unprecedented revenue growth, with the VR industry anticipated to surge to a user base of 6887 million by 2028, marking a 104.9% gain. This surge is propelled by increasing demand for immersive experiences coupled with advancements in VR technology.

5thScape emerges as a pioneering online VR gaming platform that aims to improve user engagement with virtual worlds by fusing innovation and entertainment. The 5thScape ecosystem functions through 5SCAPE Coin, a digital currency engineered to unlock premium VR content and enrich users’ gaming encounters. 

This exclusive token enables access to specialized in-game features, hinting at promising growth prospects in the VR landscape. In the ongoing Presale Stage 2, 5thScape has garnered considerable investor interest, securing robust funding of $2,067,472. While the current price is $0.00215, 5SCAPE’s listing is $0.01, showcasing a potential upside of 365.12%. 

5thScape, the cutting-edge crypto project poised to revolutionize augmented and virtual reality, offers investors an opportunity to dive into the future of immersive gaming.

With plans for innovative VR hardware and a diverse range of games, including Cage Conquest and Epic…

— 5th Scape (@5th_scape) March 23, 2024

Subsequently, the projected price point of $0.00248 implies a further potential increase of 15.35%. This allows investors to capitalize on the current price before the anticipated uptick. As VR continues to evolve, 5thScape’s strategic positioning and forward-looking approach position it as a project to watch.

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4. Pepe Sora AI (PEPESORA)

PepesoraAI is a meme coin with a positive outlook that has entered the DeFi space. Integrating the iconic Pepe culture with cutting-edge artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, PepesoraAI seeks to transform digital asset interactions.

The project uses the Sora platform to ensure security, scalability, and interoperability. Renowned for its unique blockchain approach, PepesoraAI integration with Sora lays the groundwork for a new era of digital innovation. Utilizing AI advancements, PepesoraAI aims to redefine the user experience in DeFi through intelligent solutions.

PEPESORA Price ChartPEPESORA Price Chart

Furthermore, decentralized governance empowers community members to shape PepesoraAI’s trajectory. Meanwhile, enhanced security measures, including encryption protocols and smart contract auditing, prioritize asset safety and mitigate risks.

🚀 We are +350% up today!

💎 #PEPESORA is an unstoppable meme project that you can’t afford to miss.

📍 We also did hit our $1Mn Mcap today itself.

❤️ Make sure you are a part of our community.


— Pepe Sora AI (@PepeSoraai) March 22, 2024

Driven by a passionate community, PepesoraAI thrives on collaboration and co-creation. As such, it facilitates innovation through initiatives, hackathons, and developer grants. This inclusive approach reflects PepesoraAI’s commitment to collective growth and expansion.

PepesoraAI stands at the forefront of digital innovation through a compelling blend of Pepe culture, AI technology, and blockchain prowess. With a focus on community engagement, security, and intelligent solutions, PepesoraAI is paving the way for a transformative DeFi experience. PEPESORA was up 350% post-listing on CMC in the last intraday session, indicating improved fanfare. Meanwhile, it is up by 16.38% today, trading at $0.001433.  

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