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Salesforce leads the charge in hiring for new AI-driven roles

In a rapidly evolving job market, the demand for new skills is on the rise, with companies like Salesforce leading the charge.

According to a TOI report, Nathalie Scardino, chief people officer at Salesforce, has said that the company is actively recruiting for positions such as prompt engineers, AI trainers, and ethical AI architects. This shift reflects the expanding landscape of opportunities propelled by artificial intelligence (AI).

Scardino emphasized, “AI is fuelling job creation.” While traditional roles adapt to changing landscapes, AI introduces a plethora of new, high-paying positions across various sectors, including Salesforce. “We’re hiring for jobs today that didn’t exist as recently as last year,” Scardino noted. One such role is the ethical AI architect, tasked with scrutinizing AI systems for bias alongside product teams.

A notable addition to corporate hierarchies is the chief AI officer, charged with charting an organization’s AI strategy. Prompt engineers play a pivotal role in crafting prompts for AI tools, ensuring accuracy and desired outcomes. Meanwhile, AI trainers refine chatbot responses using vast datasets to simulate human-like interactions. AI architects develop applications that prioritize responsible AI use within governance frameworks.

A recent IDC white paper, sponsored by Salesforce, predicts a surge in hiring for roles like data architects, AI ethicists, and AI solutions architects over the next year. The report forecasts the creation of 11.6 million new jobs within the Salesforce ecosystem alone within the next six years.

To meet this demand, Salesforce has revamped its hiring process, focusing on skills and core competencies. “We’re matching potential candidates to roles based on leads through our recruiting events, career website, social channels, and more,” explains Scardino. Leveraging AI and automation streamlines talent acquisition, ensuring the right fit for each role amidst a deluge of over 2 million yearly applicants.
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