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Tech News of the week: Sora public availability this year, Google I/O 2024, and more | Technology News

Tech News of the Week in India: Good news for those, who are waiting to create content using Sora, the company CTO recently confirmed that the AI tool will be available for the general public in 2024, and Google I/O 2024 will happen on May 14.

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    OpenAI Sora will be available for the general public in 2024

    OpenAI CTO Mira Murati recently confirmed that its latest text-to-video generative AI model will be available for the general public in 2024, and the company will “eventually” incorporate audio and the ability to edit the generated videos directly on the platform. Murati also confirmed that Sora is trained using publically available content, including the content from its partner Shutterstock. Sora AI is likely to be a premium model, similar to DALL.E 3, where, only paid subscribers will be able to access OpenAI’s latest model.

    Me: What data was used to train Sora? YouTube videos?
    OpenAI CTO: I’m actually not sure about that…

    (I really do encourage you to watch the full @WSJ interview where Murati did answer a lot of the biggest questions about Sora. Full interview, ironically, on YouTube:…

    — Joanna Stern (@JoannaStern) March 14, 2024

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    Google I/O 2024 to take place on May 14

    Google on Friday confirmed that its annual developer conference will take place on May 14, where, the company is expected to showcase its latest AI developments, Android 15 beta, and the company is also speculated to launch the Pixel 8a smartphone, powered by Tensor G3. At the event, the company will give us a glimpse of all the upcoming AI features, available via Google services, Android smartphones, and Chromebooks.

    Twist, turn, and teleport your way to solve the Google I/O puzzle and help reveal the 2024 dates. Just remember, never slow your roll! #io24puzzle

    — Google for Developers (@googledevs) March 14, 2024

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    Motorola teases new AI smartphone

    Motorola is launching a new “Edge” branded smartphone powered by Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 SoC. According to posts on X, the company is most likely to introduce the Moto Edge 50 with generative AI features, wireless charging, and the smartphone is also expected to ship with stock Android UI. The smartphone is speculated to include a curved display, possibly with a 120Hz refresh rate, and the device is expected to include a triple camera setup with a dedicated ultra-wide angle and a telephoto lens.

    Calling out all the tech enthusiast and artist. There is finally a partner worth your taste. Watch this space. #HelloEdge2024

    — Motorola India (@motorolaindia) March 17, 2024

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    Sony PS5 Pro to launch in 2024

    Sony is yet to introduce its light version of the PS5 in India, and rumours are already pointing towards the upcoming PS5 Pro, touted to be the most powerful gaming console in the world, which is said to be three times more capable than the regular PS5. Expected to release in the second half of 2024, the PS5 will offer enhanced 8K gaming, and it is touted to be one of the best consoles to play the upcoming GTA 6 by Rockstar.

    PS5 Pro Specs Leak are Real, Releasing Holiday 2024

    — Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) March 15, 2024

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